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Having good employees are the backbone of the company, so selecting the right applicant for a new job opening can seem like a daunting task. Especially when you can possibly have a vast amount of applicants for a job. How can you ensure that you are making the right decision for your team when sifting through applicants to look for one that'll benefit the team and the company the most? The process of recruitment can be incredibly stressful for the HR team, especially when it comes to narrowing down a handful of applicants to interview before the recruitment cycle closes. The good news is that you don't have to do it alone.

Recruiting Talent in the Age of AI


Barcelona today is a global hot-spot for technology and innovation. The city is a magnet for international and local entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups, making waves across the digital and tech sectors. Business evolution is Barcelona's calling card. Change is all around us and work has never seemed so exciting. How we bank (N26), buy food (Glovo) find our homes (Badi) have all evolved through technology.

How AI Is Changing Human Resources


Making a good impression with a prospective employer often requires little more than a great résumé and congenial personality. But how do you impress an algorithm? That's the question facing applicants of Facebook, IBM, and a spate of other companies that are starting to incorporate artificial intelligence into their hiring practices. They're using machines to scan work samples, parse social media posts, and analyze facial expressions on behalf of HR managers. Such practices raise questions about accuracy and privacy, but proponents argue that harnessing AI for hiring could lead to more diverse, empathetic, and dynamic workplaces.

When artificial intelligence and human resources intersect


Brandon Wirtz was supposed to be a fifth-generation teacher. Indeed, the founder and CEO of artificial intelligence engine developer Recognant is a teacher -- of robots, not people -- and not the factory floor variety of bots, either. Instead, Wirtz sees AI changing a very human process: human resources. To reach the place where artificial intelligence and HR meet, Wirtz spends his days educating his various AIs about everything from how to order pizza to what an appropriate pickup line might be. His bots -- "Loki," "Lobby" and "Molly" -- are at different stages of independence and aptitude.

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From past several decades, the dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology are solving and simplifying the plethora of issues which used to frighten various business purposes. The jobs which were dull and repetitive are currently automatic and require minimal human intervention from workers. Allowing companies to get their workers to concentrate on more purposeful pursuits and cut back on additional manpower. But the human resource (HR) is an essential business function at which the'human'-element of all HR professionals remains critical whilst dealing the most crucial challenge that companies face now -- selecting the proper talent. Selecting the wrong talent could be costly for a company.