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How Artificial Intelligence Is Powering Search Engines


Whether you are a customer searching for your favorite products online, a writer looking for the latest statistics, or a business owner learning SEO skills, you are using a search engine to get answers. And search engines are pretty interesting! You open up your favorite one, add some related keywords and click to search. Within a fraction of a second, you get thousands of results for your entered keyword. Search engines can perform the way they do because of the algorithms they have and a lot of brilliant people powering them.

How Search Engines Use Machine Learning: 9 Things We Know For Sure


Tech giants are investing heavily in machine learning. In 2019, Microsoft invested in 11 artificial intelligence (AI) startups, with $1 billion for OpenAI alone. In that same year, Intel Capital made 19 investments, and Google Ventures made 16 investments. That huge influx of capital means that AI computing power is making rapid advancements in a range of sectors from healthcare to construction to marketing and search engine optimization. However, before we get into the implications of machine learning for SEO professionals, let's define what we mean by AI.

How AI is shaping SEO & how to boost your RankBrain rankings


If you want to take your SEO to the next level – or even keep up – in 2018 and beyond, then you need to understand how artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping SEO, and how you can use this knowledge to boost your rankings. Up until recently, search engine algorithms were entirely hand-coded by engineers but this has its limitations, not least because of the sheer size of the task and the potential for human error. Artificial intelligence such as speech recognition and image classification software has helped to pave the way for integrating'machine learning' into search engine algorithms. Now new technologies are enabling engineers to push the boundaries even further. Artificial intelligence presents an opportunity to create an algorithm that learns from the behaviour of searchers and, ultimately, refines itself with minimal human input, if any. With the help of AI, search engines can consider factors such as your location, your search history, your favourite websites, and what other users click on for a similar query to give you the most appropriate search results for your individual needs. The AI can then analyse your behaviour in response to a particular search and how you interact with the results, and then improve what it offers the next time someone makes the same search.

What is the impact of AI on SEO in 2020 - Signity Solutions


From simple website optimization for the desktop to the complex and ever-evolving process of enhancing the content, Search Engine Optimization has gone through various changes over the last decade. While some aspects have never changed, such as keywords and meta tags optimizations and link building, SEO evolved a little more when it came to mobile optimization, user experience, and social media marketing. But a big change as notices when Google introduced RankBrain in 2016. RankBrain used a machine-learning algorithm to identify the patterns and the bucket data, and the process resulted in revealing a new system that analyzes a new Google search. Since then, SEO has been changing a lot with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms making tremendous betterment in improving the relevance of content for the searcher. And in the coming 2020, AI is very likely to impact the future of SEO through videos, images, voice search, and pre-trained models. Let's hear a little more about it from the experts – With the inevitable advancement of AI, it has become a necessity for every marketer to reform their marketing strategy to include AI. On top of that, AI tools will also help improve keyword research methods for better content strategy, stronger analytics and reporting system for SEO teams, and smarter personalization. Early adopters will surely reap the benefits of AI. Next, we have Dawn Anderso, Managing Director at Bertey – International SEO & digital strategy consultant, speaker, trainer, and lecturer. The impact of AI on SEO in 2020 is not anywhere near as much as you think.