Apple patents 'roman scroll' iPhone design

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Apple could revive the ancient scrolls used by the Roman Empire- but with a modern twist. The Cupertino company has received a new patent for a device consisting of two barrel-shaped casings that house a OLED retractable screen, processing unit, cameras and other electronics. The patent has suggested that the firm may be looking at alternative designs for its iPhone and iPad. Apple could revive the ancient scrolls used by the Roman Empire- but with a modern twist. Apple has received a patent for what looks like an ancient Roman scroll.

Facial Recognition Technology in Public Housing Prompts Backlash


This year in Detroit, crews working for the city's public housing authority cut down a row of bushy trees that had shaded the entryways to two public housing units known as Sheridan I and II. Their aim: to give newly installed security cameras an unobstructed view of the hulking, gray edifices, so round-the-clock video footage could be made available to the Detroit Police Department and its new facial recognition software whenever the Detroit Public Housing Commission files a police report. "I think that police departments won't make frivolous claims based solely on technology," said Sandra Henriquez, the commission's executive director. She added, "I think that they will use the technology as one tool that they use in bringing people into the criminal justice system." To critics of the widening reach of facial recognition software, such assurances are likely to ring hollow.

National Day Rally 2017: 'Smart' lamp posts to become key nodes for surveillance and data collection


SINGAPORE - Plans are underway to turn every lamp post into a smart lamp post that can carry and transmit information gathered from surveillance cameras and sensors around the country. The network of interconnected lamp posts could form the spine of the Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP), which aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to analyse, for instance, video footage collected by government agencies. These could be used to detect anomalies and predict situations such as potentially unruly crowds and traffic congestion. "We are making every lamp post a smart lamp post to mount different types of sensors," Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in his National Day Rally speech on Sunday (Aug 20) when he spoke about making Singapore a Smart Nation. The AI-based video analytics system is slated for a trial in Orchard Road and selected housing estates from October (2017).

Federal officials to monitor probe of fatal shooting by Nashville police

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A surveillance video released by police appears to show that, after a scuffle, Clemmons was moving away with his back turned to Nashville Officer Josh Lippert when Clemmons was shot and killed Friday. On Monday, Nashville NAACP branch President Ludye N. Wallace also called for immediate action from city officials on plans to equip police with body cameras. According to police, Clemmons had parked his car outside a public housing development and was getting out when Officer Lippert drove up to talk about him running a stop sign. Police said video from the housing development shows that Clemmons "abruptly charged at Officer Lippert, making full contact with his body."

Pop-up cameras could soon be a mobile trend


Two gadgets offer cameras hidden until activated, which offer a fresh take on design and additional privacy. Vivo built a camera into a smartphone concept that's on a little sliding tray and Huawei will soon offer a MacBook Pro clone that features a camera hidden under a door above the keyboard.