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6 Ideal Ways Artificial Intelligence Reinvents Human Resources


AI is omnipresent becoming the norm in many facets of our everyday lives. Several businesses today have leveraged the capabilities of artificial intelligence. The moment is now -- where do you place yourself in the AI era today? Why does human resource matter more than ever in this age of artificial intelligence? It is but ironic to experience the way AI is transforming human resources -- HR professionals and HR leaders.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Reinventing HR Technology


Artificial Intelligence is all about creating smart algorithms that mimic the human brain and make use of data to reach logical decisions, provide insights and predictions. AI is playing a significant role in the field of Human Resources. The constant need for human touch in each of the HR processes make way for the implementation of AI. AI is revolutionizing how recruitments are done, training is imparted, and data is used to derive people analytics. It is helping HR professionals smartly automate repetitive actions while allowing them with the bandwidth to focus on more strategic tasks that need human intervention.

AI In Human Resources – To AI or not to AI?


Every department in a company has its own challenges. In the case of Human Resources, recruitment and onboarding processes, employee orientations, process paperwork, and background checks is a handful and many a time painstaking – mostly because of the repetitive and manual nature of the work. The most challenging of all is engaging with employees on human grounds to understand their needs. As leaders today are observing the AI revolution across every process, Human resources is no exception: there has been a visible wave of AI disruption across HR functions. According to an IBM's survey from 2017, among 6000 executives, 66% of CEO's believe that cognitive computing can drive compelling value in HR while half of the HR personnel believe this may affect roles in the HR organization.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Reinventing Human Resources?


Everyone knows that AI has made a great entry in our lives and now everyone is totally dependent on its services which are not less than a miracle. There is hardly any field left that is not being touched by Artificial intelligence. AI has revolutionized the way of almost all industries. Yes, all industries have started making use of AI these days in different ways. In this blog, we will discuss how it is playing an important role in reinventing Human resources.

How AI is Revolutionizing the Human Resource Functions


Any job opening in a major organization typically invites hundreds of applications; yet only 10 percent of the incoming resumes are relevant! Imagine placing a job advertisement in a newspaper and bracing for the deluge of applications that would consume weeks of your time to sift through. This is how the process of recruitment was initiated in organizations across the world till a few years back. Thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) supported systems, this extremely cumbersome process is now taken over by softwares and search algorithms that are able to successfully prune out the few people matching your requirements from a pile of irrelevant applicants. This is just one manifestation of the way artificial intelligence is re-shaping and revolutionizing every sphere in our lives, including human resource management.