The secret skateboarders who defied Norway's 11-year ban

BBC News

For 11 years in the 1970s and 1980s skateboarding was banned in Norway. A few hardcore devotees flouted the law and skated in secret, but the country's skateboarders say they are still a long way behind and have a lot of catching up to do, reports Chris Stokel-Walker. Henning Braaten was nine years old and wanted only one thing from his parents - a skateboard. As he sat in his house in late 1988, he could see his next-door neighbour whizzing around a skate park he had made in the back garden, complete with a quarter pipe propped against the wall of the house. But Braaten had a problem.

A look how skateboarding has influenced Southern California

Los Angeles Times

On the blistering, dirty, and cracked streets of Southern California, it is difficult to avoid skateboards. It is not unusual to see toddlers, enveloped in protective padding, learning how to skate in their front yard on weekends. On campus, stairwells and cafeterias become ramps and obstacles. Each afternoon, groups of students are seen skating home from school. Skating has become an essential aspect of Californian culture and continues to be one of the most influential and important parts of growing up in Southern California.

Electric skateboard is FAST

FOX News

Hailing from Switzerland, SoFlow has assembled a team of skateboard enthusiasts and tech lovers to develop a line of electric-powered scooters, skateboards, and other vehicles. The company is preparing to expand its product catalog with the award-winning Lou, the company's lightest and fastest electric skateboard. Lou takes the best features of a traditional skateboard and makes them better by adding a motor. And the low-maintenance motor is no slouch. It provides between 1.5 to 3KM of power and accelerates the skateboard at a respectable 35 km/h (20 mph).

NBD, it's just a Bengali cat skateboarding down the street like a boss


He's also most definitely more talented than most cats, whose skills mostly consist of eating, sleeping, and playing games on iPad. Just look at how cool and collected Boomer is while he skates through a semi-crowded street. Observe his kicking technique, leaving one front leg on the board and kicking with his others, to keep the acceleration. If you're a cat owner, now's the time to look at him/her, feel ashamed, and start teaching them how to skateboard, ride a bike, or maybe even drive a car. We found a naughty little fidget spinner that's sure to make you blush Polar bear can't quite catch her toy ball but we're all rooting for her James Corden and Seth Rogen deliver pizzas to total strangers and it's hilarious

Boosted tells skaters its latest electric board isn't safe


One of the best electric skateboards on the market is suffering from battery problems. In a blog post, Boosted confirmed that its second-generation board has overheated on two separate occasions. In both instances, a lithium battery cell "vented" inside its fire-retardant enclosure -- no-one was hurt, but as a precautionary measure the company has advised against charging and riding its boards. At least for the time being, until it can finish a "thorough investigation" and figure out the root of the problem. For now, Boosted has said it will stop shipping new boards to its customers too.