The Emotionally Intelligent Web: How Will Machine Learning Affect User Interaction?


One of the biggest technological revolutions in recent history has been the advent and increased precision of machine learning. Artificial intelligence (AI) is ushering in a new era of the "emotionally intelligent web." Emotional intelligence has never described machines until now – it was a feat scientists believed outside the realm of possibility. Yet as computerized simulations of intelligent behaviors become more advanced, it is reasonable to say emotionally intelligent machines will disrupt industries in the near future. One such industry is web design.

Digging into big data: how deep learning can unlock marketing insights


There are many different aspects of artificial intelligence (AI), but the field that is arguably having the biggest impact right now is machine learning. These algorithms can learn to recognise patterns and perform tasks simply from the data we feed them, without being explicitly programmed. There are a huge range of potential applications, because they are able to find the hidden insights in big data without even being told where to look. Deep learning is a specific type of machine learning that employs multiple'layers' of learning; decisions and data classifications are refined at each layer to produce a more accurate output. As you can imagine, the technical explanation goes much deeper (sorry) than this, but the important takeaways are the two main reasons why deep learning in particular is so powerful.

City on edge for funeral of unarmed black man killed by Sacramento police

The Japan Times

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – City officials braced for more protests as mourners gathered Thursday for the funeral of a 22-year-old, unarmed black man who was shot to death by Sacramento police in his grandparents' backyard. The Rev. Al Sharpton planned to give the eulogy at services for Stephon Clark. Sharpton has called the shooting an "atrocity" that shows the urgent need for intervention against police misconduct and for a thorough investigation. Some mourners at Wednesday's wake predicted increased unrest beyond the unruly but mostly nonviolent protests that have disrupted traffic and two professional basketball games since the March 18 shooting. The Rev. Ray Morsheth of Sacramento Revival Center said he plans to stay away from the funeral for fear things could turn ugly, while the Rev. Phillip Goudeaux of Calvary Christian Center said it should be a time for peace and forgiveness.

'Eve: Valkyrie' Dev's Office Up For Sale After CCP Halts VR Production

International Business Times

Icelandic video game developer and publisher CCP Games has reportedly put its Newcastle office up for sale in the wake of its decision to terminate its virtual reality development efforts. On the other hand, its Atlanta office has been shut down. Icelandic business publication was the first to report about CCP Games' unfortunate situation. According to the publication, the company's Newcastle office, which housed the developers who worked on "Eve: Valkyrie," is now up for sale. Meanwhile, CCP's Atlanta office, which housed the people who worked on "Sparc," is already closed.

Can we humanize artificial intelligence--before it kills us?


For the last 15 years we've had to stare at screens to interact with the magic inside. But machine learning is changing the way we communicate with our devices, and our relationship with them is becoming more real, and downright emotional.