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Mookkie is a pet bowl that wards off food thieves with AI


A smart cushion that keeps tabs on your furry friend's fitness was all the rage last year, as were robot petsitters, telemedical apps for cats and dogs, and other tech-centric pet accessories. But leave it to Volta, a Milan designer of connected home appliances and industrial apps, to reinvigorate the category with a pet bowl -- Mookkie -- it says is driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Mookkie, which will make its formal debut at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, features a built-in camera with a fisheye lens, an IR sensor, and an embedded circuit board that automatically detects pets. If a recognizable face -- or muzzle, rather -- comes within range of its sensors, a mechanical panel rotates open to reveal the feed compartment. Better still, Volta says that Mookkie's embedded deep neural network can distinguish between individual pets -- preventing, say, Fido from overfeeding, or a wild animal from stealing your good boy's dinner.

8 useful tricks you didn't know your Nest cam or thermostat could do

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If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Our picks and opinions are independent from any business incentives. The Nest Thermostat, Protect smoke alarm, and Indoor and Outdoor Cams are cool home gadgets in and of themselves, but many people don't realize how many other smart home devices can be connected to Nest. Here are eight cool smart home hacks you can employ by syncing your Nest product with other connected devices. Get the perfect lighting for makeup application.

The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this Wednesday

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This Wednesday, shop and save on some of the best deals on Amazon. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Hunting for good deals on Amazon is a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sure, you might think you've spotted a good one--after all, the site says it's on sale, so it must be, right? But oftentimes, products you think have dropped significantly in price aren't on sale at all; the retail value has just been artificially jacked up beforehand to make it seem like you're saving more money.

PetNet fails to dispense meals leaving dogs and cats left without food

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Dogs and cats were left hungry for 10 hours after a host of feeding devices controlled with smartphones broke down - leaving pet owners who were away from their homes stuck. A malfunction in PetNet's computer program, which connects'smart' feeders to owners' phones, caused them to stop working and left the company urging its customers to feed their pets'manually'. In an email to its customers a spokesman for PetNet said: 'We are experiencing some difficulties with one of our third party servers. 'You may experience a loss of scheduled feeds and failed remote feedings.' One customer expressed their frustration on Twitter, writing: 'Spend 150 on a fancy pet feeder that doesn't feed your cat when their servers are offline.

Pets at home alone? This automatic pet feeder is $45 off and can feed them while you're stuck at work.


When you have a pet, getting home on time to feed them is key -- but when your boss asks you to work late, "Nah, I have to feed my dog" may not be a viable excuse. An automatic pet feeder is a must-have for any dog or cat mom with a hectic schedule, and this well-reviewed one on Amazon is on sale for $45 off today. The Westlink Automatic Pet Feeder allows you to program feeding times into a reoccurring schedule, whether your pet gets fed twice a day or is spoiled with extra snack times. If they leave any food behind, the infrared sensor will make sure the bowl doesn't overflow. You can record your voice to call your pets to come eat when you're not even home -- which will be comforting when they're wondering where their human is.