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Zalando Launches Research Lab – Zalando Tech Blog


Zalando Tech is embarking on an exciting new chapter in its evolution. We've recently launched Zalando Research – an endeavour to place Zalando at the forefront of cutting-edge research, to complement our already strong foothold on technology. Why are we doing this? We already boast great researchers at Zalando Tech, so we want to give them an outlet where they can be better organised and aligned. We also want to have a greater impact in the tech research community, especially in the fields of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Research Scientist - Machine Learning and AI @ Zalando


THE OPPORTUNITY Zalando Research sets the course for re-imagining fashion for the good of all. Machine Learning and AI are our research fields. That comprises today's most exciting research topics, such as Deep Learning, Computer Vision and NLP, Large Scale Bayesian Inference, Reinforcement Learning, Causality, Augmented and Virtual Reality. If you are an expert in one of these fields and have an impressive publication record then come join us and use your scientific background to drive Zalando-scale innovation! We stretch the limits of theory, we apply novel ideas in practice and we experiment.

Data Science is Helping Zalando Learn Languages - Dataconomy


As a research scientist at the German online retail giant Zalando, Dr. Alan Akbik is an expert in Natural Language Processing and Data Extraction. In his work for the company, which at any given moment is handling massive numbers of online transactions in multiple languages, Akbik helps unveil unique insights into the very structure of human language by observing and analyzing huge sets of multilingual text data. Here's what he had to say about the possibilities for both business and the study of language that NLP is bringing online. What first inspired you to pursue a career as a data scientist? In a sense, all of humankind's knowledge is stored in written language in books, the Web, and elsewhere.

Data Science and AI in the Spotlight with our VP, Alex Rahin – Zalando Tech Blog


As our work and investment in Data Science and AI continue to grow, we've added to our recent good news on the hiring front here at Zalando Tech. Now that he's fully onboarded, we'd like to introduce Alex Rahin, our new VP of Data and Machine Learning Platforms. Alex joins us with extensive product experience from Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, and several technology startups. He is responsible for Zalando Tech's Core Data Platforms and Applications, such as Data Infrastructure, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and Web Analytics. We wanted to share more about his role and what his future endeavours will entail for Zalando in the world of Data Science.