Ford and Domino's team up for self-driving pizza deliveries


Would you walk outside of your home to collect a pizza from a driverless car? Dominoes and Ford are exploring this possibility on the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan over the next several weeks. The companies announced today they're partnering to deploy driverless cars that will deliver pizzas to randomly selected customers. The vehicles used in the project are Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Cars and will be equipped with a heated compartment accessible by the passenger side rear window. When the customer walks up to the window, they'll have to enter a numerical code into a tablet to get access to the pizza.

Telstra completes 4G vehicle connectivity trial


Telstra has announced completing a successful trial of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology over its 4G network, conducted in South Australia in partnership with Cohda Wireless. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology will allow vehicles to communicate with traffic lights, other vehicles, and pedestrians in future, according to Telstra, as well as the development of safe autonomous vehicles. "While there has been a lot of focus around future transport technology, there has not been much work done to date in Australia on supporting intelligent transport systems via existing 4G mobile networks," Telstra's director of Technology Andrew Scott said. "The trial we just completed in South Australia confirms that 4G can support V2I applications. These applications included alerting a driver to roadworks ahead, giving green light priority to high-priority vehicles, and testing optimal green light timing, where the vehicle is informed of the optimal speed to approach a traffic light so that that they get a green light when they arrive, therefore allowing a more continuous flow of traffic."

Knowledge Representation for On-Road Driving

AAAI Conferences

This paper will present a knowledge layer used by a hierarchical on-road driving planner that represents a road network as a discrete set of attributed road states.

Samsung Electronics Gets South Korea Nod to Test Driverless Car Carrying Its Parts, Software

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Samsung has identified the auto industry as a new source of growth as the market for its key products such as smartphones matures. It completed the $8 billion acquisition of Harman International Industries earlier this year, a move that analysts say may help Samsung scale up quickly by taking control of an automotive parts maker with a proven track record.

Driverless buses take to the roads in Estonia's capital

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Driverless buses in Estonia have had a number of close calls, including ignoring a speeding police car's emergency lights. The vehicles were introduced in the capital Tallinn in recent weeks as part of the Baltic state's presidency of the European Union. Eyewitnesses have reported a few near misses since, including ignoring a red light, but no'major incidents'. Driverless buses in Estonia (pictured) have had a number of close calls, including ignoring a speeding police car's emergency lights Tallinn is the first city in which driverless buses will come in direct contact with live traffic, according to reports from state broadcaster ERR. A number of similar trial schemes have already been tested around the world.