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Air traffic control: In the April 19 Section A, a For the Record item misidentified the spokesman for Nav Canada, which operates Canada's air traffic control system, as Ron Nichols. His name is Ron Singer. British election: In the April 19 Section A, an article about the upcoming general election in Britain referred to Glasgow as Scotland's capital. If you believe that we have made an error, or you have questions about The Times' journalistic standards and practices, you may contact Deirdre Edgar, readers' representative, by email at, by phone at (877) 554-4000, by fax at (213) 237-3535 or by mail at 202 W. 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. The readers' representative office is online at

Tesla seeks to raise $2.3bn after concerns it is running out of money

The Guardian

Tesla is seeking to raise $2.3bn after its latest results heightened concerns that the troubled car company is running out of cash. Last week, Tesla announced it had lost $702m in the first three months of the year and had sold 31% fewer vehicles in the first quarter than in the fourth quarter of 2018. The company had $2.2bn of cash at the end of the quarter, down 40% from the $3.7bn it had the previous quarter. Tesla ended the quarter with about $10bn in debts. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Tesla announced it was seeking to raise money through the sale of bonds and shares.

Why China's AI push is worrying


The ingredients would include masses of processing power, lots of computer-science boffins, a torrent of capital--and abundant data with which to train machines to recognise and respond to patterns. That environment might sound like a fair description of America, the current leader in the field. But in some respects it is truer still of China. The country is rapidly building up its cloud-computing capacity. For sheer volume of research on AI, if not quality, Chinese academics surpass their American peers; AI-related patent submissions in China almost tripled between 2010 and 2014 compared with the previous five years.

Helicopter Crashes in Chinese Capital: China Daily

U.S. News

The paper gave no information beyond identifying the site of the incident, near the Jixiangsi bridge. A video clip of what appeared to be a crashed helicopter was circulating on Chinese social media, such as the Twitter-like Weibo.

Hundreds of Shipyard Workers Protest in Croatia Capital

U.S. News

The workers have traveled to Zagreb from the northern Adriatic Sea ports of Pula and Rijeka. They have been demanding their unpaid wages for the past two months and are urging the government to back a reorganization of the loss-making firm, which comprises the Uljanik and May 3rd shipyards and an equipment factory. It employs several thousand workers.