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His country a smoldering ruin, but Assad still in his seat

FOX News

BEIRUT – Syrians are getting ready for a new round of diplomacy intended to forge a path forward for a political transition in the country after six years of war.

UK Foreign Minister Hunt: Syria's Assad Will Be Around for a While

U.S. News

LONDON (Reuters) - British foreign minister Jeremy Hunt said on Thursday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will remain in place for "a while" thanks to support from Russia, even though Britain's position was still that he remains a block to lasting peace.

Assad Tells Paper He Sees No 'Option Except Victory' in Syria

U.S. News

"That is why we cannot, practically, reach any actual result with this part of the opposition (in talks). The evidence is that during the Astana negotiations they started their attack on the cities of Damascus and Hama and other parts of Syria, repeating the cycle of terrorism and the killing of innocents."

Is the war in Syria really almost over?

Al Jazeera

Bashar al-Assad has flown to Russia for a few hours to meet his major ally, Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin said the Russian president told his Syrian counterpart that the fight against armed groups in Syria is close to finishing. And once it is over, finding a peaceful political settlement will be key.

No Role for Assad in Syria's Future: Tillerson

U.S. News

Tillerson said the only reason Assad's forces had succeeded in turning the tide in the more than six-year war was "air support they have received from Russia". Iran, the other main ally of Damascus, should not be given credit for the defeat of Islamic State, as it was a "hanger-on", he said.