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Kasparov on Deep Learning in chess


Many years ago I was with Garry Kasparov for an event in London's Home House, and there we had dinner with a young lad, a former child prodigy in chess, one who had reached master level (Elo 2300) at the age of 13 and captained a number English junior chess teams. It was an interesting encounter with the boy enthusiastically describing a computer game he was developing. After he left I said to Garry: "That's a cocky young fellow!" "But very smart," Garry replied. And we left it at that.

AI Is Now the Undisputed Champion of Computer Chess


It was a war of titans you likely never heard about. One year ago, two of the world's strongest and most radically different chess engines fought a pitched, 100-game battle to decide the future of computer chess. On one side was Stockfish 8. This world-champion program approaches chess like dynamite handles a boulder--with sheer force, churning through 60 million potential moves per second. Of these millions of moves, Stockfish picks what it sees as the very best one--with "best" defined by a complex, hand-tuned algorithm co-designed by computer scientists and chess grandmasters.

Up your style *and* strategy with a crystal chess set on sale


TL;DR: Make your game of chess feel a little more luxe with a Crystal Chess Board, on sale for $159.99 -- a 46% savings -- as of March 7. Chess is probably one of the only games that can be just as decorative as it is fun to play. If The Queen's Gambit was your favorite quarantine watch, you can impress all of your friends not only by showing off your skills, but also by displaying this chic chess set. This Crystal Chess Board is made from 100 percent crystal, from the pieces to the board itself. Instead of black and white, the pieces come in both smoke-grey and clear varieties. This game is just as gorgeous to leave out on your end table and use as a decoration as it is to actually play and use for the iconic game itself.

Implementing a Chess engine from scratch


As a humble Chess amateur, I gave myself this challenge: to develop a simple, good-looking Chess game with AI that can beat me, without Machine-Learning. This article is about my journey to achieve it and is composed of 4 parts: rules, computation, strategy, and playing. And just to make things clear, I also decided not to read theoretical or algorithmic explanations on Chess engines, I wanted to build my own algorithm, based on my common sense and personal experience. I named it Bobby, as a tribute to Robert "Bobby" James Fischer, who has been World Chess Champion and one of my heroes as a young player.

LASER CHESS: Deflection For Windows [PC]


Deflection is a strategy board game, inspired from the classic Laser Chess games and the famous board game Khet. Move and rotate different pieces to destroy the enemy with your laser! With a variety of pieces each having different advantages, abilities and weaknesses, use the one move you are allowed per turn to strategically bring you closer to victory. Enemy mirrors, Disruptors, Portals etc. can be used to your advantage! At the end of every turn, you must shoot your laser… be careful not to hit your own pieces!