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House Republicans stymied in their efforts to adopt a budget

FOX News

Republicans relished criticizing congressional Democrats when they fumbled or flat-out didn't try to approve a budget. They took particular joy in upbraiding former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, when he didn't shepherd a budget through the Senate, piously preaching the virtues of congressional budgeting. There was a plan a few weeks ago to advance a budget through the House Budget Committee. But that effort crumbled when Republicans fought over defense spending. Republicans fractured again when they fought over slashing some $50 billion in entitlement spending.

Ricketts: Budget Needs 'Modifications' to Restrain Spending

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Ricketts pledged Monday to work with lawmakers on budget "modifications" that would bring state spending into line with money that's available. He wouldn't rule out tapping the state's $369 million cash reserve, commonly known as the rainy day fund.

Five Ways to Prevent A Holiday Spending Nightmare

Forbes - Tech

No one likes the January surprise. That's when the credit card bills roll in and you've spent way more than you thought. Millions of us do an epic fail on holiday spending budgets. There's always one more item or one more person -- or dozens -- who get added to the holiday shopping list. That always leads to overspending.

Infographic: 2018 IT budgets are up slightly; spending focus is on security, hardware, and cloud


In July and August, ZDNet's sister site, Tech Pro Research, surveyed tech workers about the IT budget for the 2018 fiscal or calendar year within their organization. Over half said that in terms of funding, their organization would dedicate more to IT. However, another interesting trend emerged from this survey with regard to organizational IT spending. In this year's survey, 48 percent of respondents said they felt executive management at their organization valued IT funding as much as other departmental budgets. Last year, 65 percent of respondents said the IT budget was given equal importance within their organization.