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US works to keep Turkey in its fold as NATO ally looks East

U.S. News

At the same time, the U.S. has been rattled by Turkey's recent diplomatic flirtations with traditional U.S. foes Russia and Iran, concerned they may indicate that a frustrated Turkey is rethinking its allegiance with the West in promoting regional stability. This month Erdogan traveled to Moscow to try to boost ties and possibly even collaboration on ending Syria's civil war, something Moscow has sought unsuccessfully with Washington. And following the Turkish foreign minister's surprise trip to Iran last week, Turkish media reported that Erdogan planned to visit Tehran on Wednesday -- the same day he's also slated to meet with Biden.

New Full Duplex Radio Chip Transmits and Receives Wireless Signals at Once


A new wireless chip can perform a feat that could prove quite useful for the next generation of wireless technology: transmitting and receiving signals on the same frequency, at the same time with the help of a single antennae. This approach instantly doubles the data capacity of existing technology though is not yet capable of power levels necessary to operate on traditional mobile networks. Last year, Harish Krishnaswamy, an electrical engineer at Columbia University demonstrated the ability to transmit and receive signals on the same frequency using two antennas in a full duplex radio that he built. Now, Negar Reiskarimian, a PhD student under Krishnaswamy, has embedded this technology on a chip that could eventually be used in smartphones and tablets. Devices such as smartphones and tablets typically exchange signals over at least two antennas--one for the transmitter and one for the receiver.

Man and his dog die in 'suspicious' Seal Beach duplex fire

Los Angeles Times

Authorities are investigating what they are calling a "suspicious" fire that tore through a Seal Beach duplex early Saturday, killing a man and his dog. Dozens of firefighters were dispatched to a duplex in the 200 block of 17th Street about 12:15 a.m. Saturday, where they found flames raging from the second floor of the structure, said Carlos Huerta, a spokesman for Orange County Fire Authority. Firefighters struggled to extinguish the blaze "because of the amount of debris in the residence," Huerta said. When they conducted a search of the building, they found the victim and his dog on the second floor, he said.

Touch screens of the future may fold thanks to new sensor

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Imagine owning a smartphone or TV that could roll up to fit in your pocket. That could soon be reality thanks a new flexible sensor that can detect subtle differences in touch, including swiping and tapping. Researchers said their stretchable sensor could be used to build folding TV screens and tablets - and may even be used to make skin for robots. The team from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver used a highly conductive gel sandwiched between layers of silicone to make their bendable sensor. To create the sensor, a gel is poured out and combined with silicon-based materials that are stretchy and transparent.

Senator seeks ATF probe into gun that folds down to look like iPhone

The Japan Times

NEW YORK – A U.S. senator on Monday called on the federal Department of Justice and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to investigate before a gun that looks like an iPhone comes to market. Sen. Charles Schumer said the gun, being promoted online by a company calling itself Ideal Conceal, "is just a disaster waiting to happen." On its website and Facebook page, Ideal Conceal has images that show something that looks like a phone in its case. But it can open into a .380 "Smartphones are EVERYWHERE, so your new pistol will easily blend in with today's environment," the Ideal Conceal site says.