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A.I. Is Monitoring You Right Now and Here's How It's Using Your Data


There's wisdom in crowds, and scientists are applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to better predict global crises and outbreaks. "The Static Floor Field is aimed at capturing attractive and constant properties of the scene. These properties include preferred areas, such as dominant paths often taken by the crowd as it moves through the scene, and preferred exit locations."

AccorHotels' AI quiz finds which travel destinations excite you

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A French hotel chain is tracking potential customers' heart rate and skin response to pick out their perfect holiday destination. AccorHotels has launched its'Seeker' programme, which inspects biophysical cues to work out what holidaymakers are looking for in their next vacation. The new feature claims to be able to'read your mind' and detect complex signals such as heart rate, EEG and galvanic skin response, using a webcam in a desktop computer, or front-facing camera built into a smartphone. To find out your next holiday destination, take the online quiz below. A French hotel chain is now using the biometric data from its members to pick out their perfect holiday.

World's first robotic quarterback being trialed by NFL teams


While the NFL is not normally known for embracing change, certain teams around the league have been quick to adapt to new technologies that will give them an edge or help improve existing training methods. In 2016, the Pittsburgh Steelers were one of the first to trial tackling robots at practice, a device ultimately purchased by a number of NFL teams and colleges. Now it would appear that the use of robotics in football has taken a significant leap forward with the invention of a device that is most simply described as a robotic quarterback. Created by a group of alumni from Iowa University and their company Monarc Sports Robotics, "The Seeker" is capable of delivering a football to any predefined point on the field using tracking software or being used as a more accurate version of a jugs machine. Here's the story behind Seeker, the world's first robotic quarterback developed by Monarc Inc and currently being trialled by a host of NFL and college football teams.

India Successfully Tests Self-Developed Supersonic Interceptor Missile, Advanced Air Defence [Video]

International Business Times

The Indian defense department successfully tested an Advanced Air Defence (AAD) supersonic interceptor missile Thursday, which was developed by the nation's own Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Integrated Guidance and Control for Lunar Landing using a Stabilized Seeker Artificial Intelligence

The selected landing site should be at a low slope with respect to the planetary equipotential surface, free of hazards, and also be located such that it satisfies mission objectives. The Apollo Lunar missions allowed the lander pilot to steer towards a manually selected landing site by manipulating a control stick until the designated landing site (DLS) appeared in a window fixed reticle [1], but the actual trajectory flown to reach that point in a manner consistent with a soft landing was automated by the guidance and control system. The Chinese Chang'e 3 mission [2] used coarse hazard detection from greyscale images during the powered descent, and once the lander reached an altitude of 100 m, hovered while a hazard free landing site was selected, after which the lander diverted horizontally until directly above the selected landing site, and then continued straight down to the surface. Finally, the Morpheus project [3] demonstrated integration of flash LIDAR based hazard detection with guidance and control on Earth using a hazard field with a mix of terrain hazards and safe landing sites. During the powered descent the landing site detection system will likely change the DLS as distance to surface decreases and resolution increases. Consequently, a suitable guidance and control system should be capable of multiple divert maneuvers during the powered descent phase.