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Tableau integrates Einstein Analytics, becomes the analytics bridge in Salesforce ecosystem


Tableau is stepping up its efforts to integrate with parent Salesforce as its analytics software will build in Einstein Analytics, which will be renamed Tableau CRM. Under the plan, Tableau CRM will provide an integrated analytics and artificial intelligence experience within Salesforce's CRM workflow and be a key part of Salesforce Customer 360. The argument is that digital transformation is also a data transformation. Tableau CRM will be the analytics brand of Salesforce. Einstein will represent the AI capabilities across Salesforce.

Tableau raises augmented analytics game with Salesforce Einstein Discovery integration


Two weeks ago, Microsoft announced the public preview of its smart narratives feature for Power BI. In about the same timeframe, ThoughtSpot, which focuses on search- and AI-driven analytics, announced its cloud/SaaS offering, ThoughtSpot Cloud. Earlier in September, Qlik announced major AI enhancements to Qlik Sense, including expansion of its Insight Advisor feature. All of these announcements show how important augmented analytics -- which adds natural language processing and other AI technologies -- has become in a BI market stoked by pandemic-accelerated digital transformation initiatives. At its "Tableau Conferenceish" online event, Tableau announced that the entire Salesforce Einstein Analytics team has been merged into the Tableau organization, and that Tableau and Einstein technology will fully integrate over the long term.

Spotfire vs. Tableau: 2022 Software Comparison


Tableau and Spotfire are both leading data analytics and business intelligence platforms. Both were scored well by Gartner in its latest "Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms." BI and analytics applications are a hot item as organizations seek to mine data from massive data sources like relational databases, enterprise applications, unstructured data, and social media. Instead of a small team of data scientists slicing and dicing data, now marketing, line of business heads, sales, and IT are all utilizing data analytics in their day-to-day activities. As two popular data analytics platforms, users often are forced to choose between Spotfire and Tableau.

Tableau announces deeper Slack integration, platform to hire developers


Tableau unveiled a slate of new features and integrations at the Tableau Conference this week, including a platform connecting companies in need with developers for hire as well as deeper data integrations with Slack. Alongside announcements about ongoing partnerships with the Seattle Seahawks, Lyft and Jaguar Land-Rover, executives touted new Slack-First Analytics that allow users to access information from Tableau directly within Slack. Through natural language processing, users can also "talk" to their data with questions in the "Ask Data in Slack" feature. Tableau is also adding sections to its platform covering model building and scenario planning. Administrators will have access to features that allow them to create new data access points and centrally manage who has access to what.

Salesforce to add Einstein Analytics AI to Tableau platform


When Salesforce completed its $15.7 billion acquisition of Tableau Software in August 2019, IT leaders were left wondering what the largest acquisition in Salesforce history might mean. A bit more than a year later, Tableau has provided some insight into its plans, announcing that Salesforce's Einstein Analytics will be rebranded Tableau CRM and Einstein's advanced analytics capabilities will be integrated with Tableau's other offerings. "Earlier this year we brought together the Tableau and Einstein Analytics teams under one roof," Adam Selipsky, president and CEO of Tableau, said in a press conference Monday. "All of those resources all report up to me and they have all year. All things analytics are now with us."