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IP Cores Designed for HSA Historically GPT has developed IP specifically for the China market. The company recently announced a range of new IP licensing offerings along with an enhanced geographical licensing program. With the company-wide adoption of HSA standards, GPT now licenses IP worldwide. All GPT processors include HSA support and the company is now offering world-class HSA-enabled processors to its customers. The HSA enabled IP core which is sampling now in silicon is a first implementation of GPT's 3-in-1 Unity architecture designed for multidimensional signal processing including image and video processing.

Robot judges could soon be helping with court cases

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An AI judge has accurately predicted most verdicts of the European Court of Human Rights, and might soon be making important decisions about cases. Scientists built an artificially intelligence computer that was able to look at legal evidence as well as considering ethical questions to decide how a case should be decided. And it predicted those with 79 per cent accuracy, according to its creators. The algorithm looked at data sets made up 584 cases relating to torture and degrading treatment, fair trials and privacy. The computer was able to look through that information and make its own decision – which lined up with those made by Europe's most senior judges in almost every case.

The rise of robots -- AI is coming to a business near you


Consider your repetitive daily tasks. Do you, or your employees, follow a process to perform these? If so, then this job, or at least the repetitive part of it, will almost definitely be replaced by a robotic usurper. No industry will be unchanged from the "robot revolution". Disruption is already occurring in many of the commoditised functions of accounting and legal advice, for example.

Early-Stage VC Becomes Most Aggressive Investor in Robotics and Machine Learning Space


Comet Labs has assembled a coalition of investors and corporate partners to help accelerate product and customer development cycles for fast growing robotics and machine learning companies. Startups are paired with experienced mentors and are given access to industry partners and platform technology. The fund's partners include the world's largest global manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare companies. About Comet Labs Comet Labs is an early-stage venture capital firm associated with a 300M fund, Legend Star. They work with startups developing solutions in specific industry verticals, as well as those building enabling technologies.

Affectiva raises 14 million to bring apps, robots emotional intelligence


Affectiva, a startup developing "emotion recognition technology" that can read people's moods from their facial expressions captured in digital videos, raised 14 million in a Series D round of funding led by Fenox Venture Capital. According to cofounder Rana el Kaliouby, the Waltham, Mass.-based company, wants its technology to become the de facto means of adding emotional intelligence and empathy to any interactive product, and the best way for organizations to attain unvarnished insights about customers, patients or constituents. She explained that Affectiva uses computer vision and deep learning technology to analyze facial expressions or non-verbal cues in visual content online, but not the content or conversations in a video. The company's technology ingests digital images--including video in chat applications, livestreamed or recorded videos, or even GIFs--through typically the simplest web cams. Its system first categorizes then maps the facial expressions to a number of emotional states, like happy, sad, nervous, interested or surprised.