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This Is the Season

The New Yorker

This is the season when the husbands liein their hemp-woven hammocks for the last timereading The Nation in waning autumn lightbefore dusk rises from the earthbefore the not-knowing if ever again the earthwill turn on its axis to the light, the great furnaceof the light, will return the husbands to the lightin their hemp-woven hammocks reading The Nation.

Lyft sells self-driving unit to Toyota's Woven Planet for $550M – TechCrunch


Ride-hailing company Lyft has sold off its autonomous vehicle unit to Toyota's Woven Planet Holdings subsidiary for $550 million, the latest in a string of acquisitions spurred by the cost and lengthy timelines to commercialize autonomous vehicle technology. Under the acquisition agreement announced Tuesday, Lyft's so-called Level 5 division will be folded into Woven Planet Holdings. Lyft will receive $550 million in cash, with $200 million paid upfront. The remaining $350 million will be made in payments over five years. About 300 people from Lyft Level 5 will be integrated into Woven Planet.

Magnified Peacock Feathers Look Like Pure Woven Magic


Peacocks are renowned for their beauty. But to truly appreciate them, take a look at Waldo Nell's photographs. His images show the feathers magnified up to 500 times what you would see. Every line and curve appears in luminous definition, the colors shifting from green to blue to gold. "From afar you only see the pattern of the eye," Nell says.

Head of Research


Woven Planet is a software-first subsidiary of Toyota whose vision is to create safe mobility of people, goods, and information that everyone can enjoy and trust. Level 5, part of Woven Planet, is developing self-driving technology using a state-of-the-art machine-learned approach. Our goal is to deliver advanced and self-driving capabilities to personally-owned and mobility-as-a-service vehicles to improve transportation on a global scale. As part of Woven Planet, Level 5 has the backing of one of the world's largest automakers and the opportunity for near-term product impact and revenue -- a combination rarely seen in the AV industry. Level 5 is looking for doers and creative problem solvers to join us in improving mobility for everyone with self-driving technology.

Sr. Technical Program Manager, Autonomy


Woven Planet is building the safest mobility in the world. A subsidiary of Toyota, Woven Planet innovates and invests in new technologies, software, and business models that transform how we live, work and move. With a focus on automated driving, smart cities, robotics and more, we build on Toyota's legacy of trust and safety to deliver mobility solutions for all. For nearly a century, Toyota has been delivering products and services that improve lives. Automation that originated to increase the efficiency of daily activities has evolved into the safe, reliable, connected automobiles we enjoy and depend on today.