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10 Best Free Websites To Learn More About Data Science And Machine Learning!


With the dynamically increasing surge in the popularity of Data Science and Machine Learning, more aspirants and enthusiasts are dwelling on exploring these fields. There are a tremendous amount of opportunities that are created from Data Science and Machine Learning. Everyone is eager to learn about these fields and ultimately add some additional knowledge to their arsenal. For beginners and experts, there are some awesome free websites to learn and gain further exposure. For beginners trying to understand any subject and get a feel about what exactly the entities of Data Science and machine learning are and gain further intricate knowledge, it is always better to start off with some free resources and materials.

Top 20 Websites for Machine Learning and Data Science


Data science is booming exponentially in almost all parts of the world. Data scientists are highly sought after because they seem to have the "magical" ability to create value from data for data-driven companies and organizations. Today, anyone can become data scientists because of the internet. You don't need a college degree in Computer Science or a Ph.D. in Deep Learning to be qualified as a data scientist. As long as you can do what companies want you to do -- proffer valuable insight from data and help them grow their business and make decisions -- you are a data scientist.

Self Driven Data Science - Issue #48 – Hacker Noon


This article changed the way I think about reporting. Most data scientists don't look forward to reporting but when done right, it can be used as a means to create strong stakeholder relationships in your organization. The need for data scientists is far outpacing the availability of people in the industry. In order to stay competitive, companies should focus on differentiating themselves in specific areas. AI and machine learning will become ubiquitous and woven into the fabric of society.

9 Machine Learning Resources For Beginners – Imaginor Labs – Medium


Having a software background and transiting into data science career is quite fulfilling and opened an ample of opportunities to learn and share. With times even helped a quite a few people to leap jump into the field of data science. Below are the few hacks i used during my self-learning process which may also help you to start your career in data science. Python is my preferred language, You can try out SOLO learn with python for free. It even has quizzes to brush up what you have learned.

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