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'Mass Effect: Andromeda' PC Performance Guide - Best Settings Tips For All Resolutions

International Business Times

Mass Effect: Andromeda has finally released, and, as a BioWare, RPG, the game's roots are firmly established on PC. Looking to get the highest-possible framerate on your hardware? We've got a guide to get your settings tinkering started. Ranged from low to ultra, here are some tips worth considering. Update Your Drivers: As with any new PC game launch, driver updates are very important for getting the best performance.

Tiny 'metalens' could bring SLR camera quality to your phone


Your smartphone's camera quality is limited for a number of reasons (sensor size, for example), but one of the biggest factors is optics: you need a lot of glass to deliver the pin-sharp photos of a DSLR or mirrorless camera. That's where Harvard researchers might help. They've developed a "metalens" that substitutes the usual glass with quartz plates full of microscopic titanium oxide structures, whose patterns guide light toward the camera sensor. The technology not only leads to a much smaller lens (it's just 0.08 inches across in testing), but focus that beats even the better lenses you find in stores -- it can resolve details 400 nanometers wide, or smaller than a wavelength of light.

Process, material, component and product quality


IBM Prescriptive Quality on Cloud employs an advanced set of statistical algorithms called Quality Early Warning System (QEWS) which detect emerging quality problems sooner and with fewer false alarms than typically achieved by traditional statistical process control. For a given level of statistical confidence QEWS usually needs fewer data points than SPC methods. The user experience is designed to easily organize, analyze, manage, and share process and quality data across lines of business. Learn more about the ability of IBM Prescriptive Quality on Cloud to help improve quality of manufacturing processes, materials, components and products via

Data Quality Management


Data quality management (DQM) is a critical business discipline that requires a combination of guidelines, processes, and technologies to preserve the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and consistency of enterprise information. We at Information Builders can provide you with a complete end to end solution to your Data Quality needs through our iWay Omni-Gen Data Management Platform which includes robust, innovative capabilities through one of its components, the Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition. The Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition is packed with features designed to optimize the integrity of any enterprise information, regardless of its source, location, or format.


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