Those California raisins may be gone from the airwaves, but they're still making waves in court

Los Angeles Times

California raisins reached their peak as cultural icons in the late 1980s, with a series of Claymation TV commercials showing them crooning and dancing through "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" and other R&B standards. TV specials followed, along with a Saturday morning cartoon, a line of collectible toys, even an Emmy. By 1990 the vogue had passed. But these days the raisins have been displaying their star power in court. As recently as the last week of November, a group of raisin growers won a skirmish in federal court allowing them to expand a compensation claim against the government for hundreds of thousands of dollars in raisins held off the market by agricultural officials in an effort to support prices.

This Is Bernie Sanders' Cereal Preference

U.S. News

In a feature published in the The Washington Post, Sanders' wife Jane Sanders revealed that Bernie likes his steak medium rare, usually has stashes of avocados and blueberries around the house, and leans toward a staple breakfast while at home: an English muffin, cherry juice and Raisin Bran. The Internet – as it is wont to do with anything Bernie Sanders – took note. Bernie Sanders favorite cereal would definitely be store-bought raisin bran. Trump's would be artificially-flavored teeth whitener. I know Bernie Sanders' favorite candy is Raisin Bran I just know it Ah...another thing I have in common with Bernie Sanders.

Dog sparks 'deadly raisin' warning

BBC News

A dog who chomped through a packet of dried fruit has sparked a "deadly raisins" warning. Owner Jasmine Quick from Plymouth had brought baking ingredients home after a competition when boxer Ray made his move on the leftovers. The eight-year-old pet ate a kilo of sugar and its wrapping, a bag of flour and a packet of raisins and sultanas. He had to be given emergency treatment after Mrs Quick saw the "chaos" and called the local pet hospital. She was told raisins could be "deadly" to dogs and to bring him straight in.

The stigma against oatmeal raisin cookies is grotesque


No matter how hard it tries, no matter how many recipe formations it attempts to squeeze into, it seems the oatmeal raisin cookie can never do anything right. The stigma against the cookie is persistent and unwavering. For as long as I can remember, oatmeal cookies have belonged to a lower caste of cookie. While some of the criticisms of oatmeal raisin cookies are genuinely felt, so much of the opposition to oatmeal raisin originates in cultural prejudice. We are taught to hate oatmeal raisin, we were not born to loathe it.

Don't Buy Machine Learning


During a conversation I had with Peter Norvig, we discussed about the kind of projects that we do at Machinalis and how strange does it feels to say that "we are a Machine Learning company": In many projects, the amount of effort spent on R&D on Machine Learning is usually a small fraction of the total effort, or it's not even there because we plan it for a future phase after building the application first. "Machine Learning development is like the raisins in a raisin bread: 1. You need the bread first 2. It's just a few tiny raisins but without it you would just have plain bread." A large company, at a higher level, decides to move away from standard tools, given that "our business and our data are different/peculiar", incorporating Machine Learning or Data Science into their processes. In these situations they call us just to get some raisins.