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Sears will stop selling Whirlpool appliances after 100 years of doing business

Los Angeles Times

Sears will no longer sell Whirlpool appliances, ending a business relationship that dates back more than 100 years. In a note sent to its stores last week, Sears said that Whirlpool was making demands that would have made it difficult to sell its appliances at a competitive price. Sears has been ravaged by new competition for years from stores such as Home Depot and also from and other online retailers. The end to the partnership is effective immediately and includes the larger appliances and small kitchen appliances of Whirlpool subsidiaries Maytag, KitchenAid and Jenn-Air. Sears said it would sell off the remainder of its Whirlpool inventory.

Hate cooking? These ovens will do it for you

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

In a never-ending quest to make smart kitchen appliances, you know... useful, Whirlpool is working to take the guesswork out of cooking once and for all. Making ovens do the cooking for you. The company has just announced a partnership with a startup called Innit, in which the two companies will produce WiFi-connected ovens under the Jenn-Air brand. The ovens will connect to mobile apps that will walk you through the process of preparing food, and at the same time tell the new Jenn-Air ovens exactly how to cook your meal. The special sauce is Innit's digital recipe collection.

Whirlpool brings Alexa to its next generation of appliances


Alexa can already order a pizza and fire up your TV as you lazily bark commands at it, but appliances giant Whirlpool is about to put Amazon's personal assistant to work with some extra chores around the house. The two companies announced they've teamed up to connect Alexa with Whirlpool's next line of smart home appliances. The future where you can ask your fridge to set the temperature in the veggie drawer has finally arrived. Amazon and Whirlpool already enjoy a cozy partnership with Amazon Dash's one-touch ordering, but the new Alexa skills add even more useful features to an integrated smart home. In the laundry room, Alexa will be able to tell you whether your washer or dryer is running and how much time is left on the cycle, plus a few other settings.

Whirlpool will let you control appliances with your Wear OS watch


At CES last year, Whirlpool announced Alexa and Google Assistant support for its smart appliances, and noted it was working on an Apple Watch app. This time around, the company has revealed plans for more ways to control its smart home products with Wear OS support, which will arrive later this year. You'll be able to use your watch to monitor and control your oven, adjust an active laundry cycle on the fly and keep tabs on your dryer. Whirlpool plans to announce several smart home products at CES, so it seems more devices you can control with your watch will arrive in the near future. Follow all the latest news from CES 2019 here!