Automation Is Not Intelligence


The AI Hype Train has left the station. You know you're in the middle of a hype cycle when products and companies start using a term regardless of whether or not their product incorporates any of that technology. This is where we currently are with regards to the market for AI products and services. While there is a lot of great, new innovation that's pushing the industry forward towards more intelligent systems capable of many of the challenging areas that have previously not been able to be solved due to extreme complexity or the need for human labor, there are just as many companies who are using the term AI as more of a marketing ploy or a way to raise money. Many firms are claiming to be AI-enabled when all they have done is put some thin capability provided by a third-party library or API that doesn't really transform their existing product into something that is inherently different with that new intelligent technology.

Robotic Process Automation: Which bots are for your business? - Atos


Robots are a unit of automation. On the manufacturing floor and in warehouses, industrial robots have transformed the landscape. Now it is time for software robots to optimize business processes. There are various types of robots, each referred to with different names depending on the vendor of choice. But rather than focus on actual names, let's focus on the concepts behind software bots utilized in RPA.

Technologies for Intelligent Workflows: Experiences and Lessons

AAAI Conferences

Virtual and other forms of extended enterprise have become increasingly common as organisations seek new ways of delivering value to their shareholders and customers. They integrate both processes and systems to support an end-to-end value chain. Virtual enterprises require an open decentralised architecture for workflow management where multiple workflow management systems can support business processes which cross organisations. We have identified three classes of problem which impede the development of such workflow management systems.

How SAP's partner ecosystem is built for long-term growth


How is SAP's partner ecosystem poised to propel the company towards vital future growth in the cloud? Will this ecosystem earn the enterprise IT leader its sought after slice of the global digital economy, whose app economy alone will be $120B this year? These were the key questions at a recent strategic SAP Partner forum I attended in New York City. The upshot: While the SAP Partner story overall is strong for the firm, there remains critial work to do to prepare for the future and fully realize its potential to achieve the company's strategic goals. The German software giant is well known for providing some of the most mature and sophisticated enterprise solutions in the world.

Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Capabilities, and Robotic Process Automation: How Intelligent Automation is Advancing Enterprise Performance


If there is one innovation that defines 2017 it is intelligent automation (IA) – and all it entails. New intelligent automation technology, which accesses data, processes it and then initiates actions – all the while "learning while doing" – is supporting enterprise decision-makers by providing a significantly improved quality of support services. Apart from improving overall decision-making speed and supporting smarter decision-making, the artificial intelligence underpinning IA also accelerates solutions for large-scale enterprise challenges by complementing human performance. IA's impact reaches from the private sphere of our personal decision-making … across corporate processing … to the far reaches of our solar system. While robotic operations have been used on the factory floor for decades, the adoption of similar capabilities in the "back office" processing environment is a trend that has only recently emerged.