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Key machine learning trends that will rock your 2018


If there's one tech term that takes the crown for being on the lips of everyone associated with the industry, it has to be "machine learning." Abbreviated ML, machine learning has impacted almost every industry in one way or another. Everything, from unmanned diagnostics equipment that detects tumors and cancers to your favorite music streaming apps, uses machine learning now. Venture capitalists have invested millions of dollars in startups with a focus on machine learning. That's not all: ML is in the budget plans of all enterprises that haven't already started their machine learning journeys. Tech giants with platform businesses are advancing their ML capabilities to the next level. It's fascinating that machine learning (which is actually one approach to achieving artificial intelligence in computer programs) is already a multibillion-dollar industry. Trends and predictions made about the industry back in 2016-17 have turned into realities. Now is time for every IT leader to recognize and track the machine learning trends that will keep this technology hot throughout 2018.

Google Sharing Its AI with You


According to Gartner, the worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow 16.5 percent in 2016 to total 204 billion (up from 175 billion in 2015). Gartner also revealed that Amazon's cloud is 10x bigger than its next 14 competitors, combined. The technology research company's final revelation is that there's a two-horse race between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft's Azure to capture the IaaS cloud computing market. The Google cloud platform has been sitting in third place and rapidly losing ground, but maybe that's about to change. Recently, we have seen the AlphaGo program defeat world Go champion Lee Sedol, and Google has revealed its cunning plan to catch up in the cloud.

Google Will Sell Its AI 'Supercomputer' Chip Through Cloud Unit


At the I/O developer conference last year, Google debuted its first chip. The company kept the component mostly for internal artificial intelligence needs. Today, version two arrived -- and Google is selling this one. Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai announced the new chip on Wednesday during a keynote address at the Alphabet Inc. unit's annual I/O event. Normally, the gathering focuses on mobile software.

What Is Gluon? Amazon and Microsoft Team Up to Stay Dominant in the Cloud Space


Google is betting big on artificial intelligence as the driver of next generation cloud technology. Microsoft and Amazon have been paying attention. After all, Microsoft and Amazon together dominate the cloud market -- for the moment. To ensure that they remain in the driving seat, they came together last October to offer enterprises an open source development environment called Gluon to carry them forward into the next generation of cloud computing.

Amazon's New Artificial Intelligence Features Are a Challenge to Silicon Valley

@machinelearnbot (amzn) this week announced a flurry of new machine learning features for its Amazon Web Services cloud computing business, raising its challenge to Silicon Valley's biggest tech firms for the lead in artificial intelligence.