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Twitter is removing face-swapped AI porn from its platform


Twitter has become the latest platform to ban AI-generated fake porn, otherwise known as "deepfakes." As first reported by Motherboard and confirmed to The Verge, the company will suspend any account sharing the content, which uses machine learning algorithms to swap the faces of celebrities onto porn stars. A spokesperson for the company told The Verge by email: "We will suspend any account we identify as the original poster of intimate media that has been produced or distributed without the subject's consent. We will also suspend any account dedicated to posting this type of content." Unlike other major social media platforms, Twitter is relatively porn-friendly.

Pornhub, Twitter and Reddit ban AI-generated celeb porn

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Several top web firms are taking action against users who spread fake porn videos of celebrities on their sites, also known as'deepfakes.'

Pornhub is the latest platform to ban AI-generated 'deepfakes' porn


Pornhub will be deleting "deepfakes" -- AI-generated videos that realistically edit new faces onto pornographic actors -- under its rules against nonconsensual porn, following in the footsteps of platforms like Discord and Gfycat. "We do not tolerate any nonconsensual content on the site and we remove all said content as soon as we are made aware of it," the company told Motherboard, which first reported on the deepfakes porn phenomenon last year. Pornhub says that nonconsensual content includes "revenge porn, deepfakes, or anything published without a person's consent or permission."