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A new photonic technology has enabled a computer system to mimic the way human brains learn from accumulating experience. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a new approach for the deep learning computation using light, instead of electricity. A deep learning computer is a way computer system accumulate experiences and data and recognized the pattern in the accumulative data. Unfortunately, even the most powerful computer is limited with its transistor capacity to perform such function. In order to improve the deep learning computer system, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered that light is a much better answer to perform such function, instead of electricity.

Conventional computer vision coupled with deep learning makes AI better


Computer vision is fundamental for a broad set of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Household monitoring systems use cameras to provide family members with a view of what's going on at home. Robots and drones use vision processing to map their environment and avoid obstacles in flight. Augmented reality glasses use computer vision to overlay important information on the user's view, and cars stitch images from multiple cameras mounted in the vehicle to provide drivers with a surround or "bird's eye" view which helps prevent collisions.

[D] Need help with Deep Learning (Computer Vision) interview • r/MachineLearning


I have an upcoming interview that involves applying Deep Learning to Computer Vision problems. Though I have experience with deep learning I'm currently weak on the pure Computer Vision side of things.

Here Are 10 Things You Should Know About Deep Learning - AI Trends


Most IT leaders have heard of deep learning, but few really understand how this new technology works. Deep learning burst onto the public consciousness in 2016 when Google's AlphaGo software, which was based on deep learning, beat the human world champion at the board game Go. Since then, deep learning has begun appearing in news reports and product literature with more frequency, but few organizations are actually using it today. The 2018 O'Reilly survey report How Companies Are Putting AI to Work Through Deep Learning found that only 28% of the more than 3,300 respondents were currently using deep learning. However, 92% believed that deep learning would play a role in their future projects, with 54% saying it would play a large or essential role in those initiatives.