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Spotify's voice-controlled 'Car Thing' is available for some subscribers


At this point, we've seen rumors, job listings, blog posts, FCC filings and more rumors about Spotify's in-car music player over the span of a few years. In fact, I was convinced it would never become a thing the public could actually use. When the company first revealed a piece of hardware called "Car Thing" in 2019, Spotify was clear the test was meant "to help us learn more about how people listen to music and podcasts." It also explained that there weren't "any current plans" to make that device available to consumers. Now Spotify is ready for select users to get their hands on a refined version of the voice-controlled in-car player.

The best podcasting apps on iOS in 2020


With so many podcasts out there, how can anyone manage them all? Luckily, there are a number of great iOS apps out there to help in that department. I'll break down some of the best podcast apps available on iOS. To be honest, the podcasting game is still begging to be reinvented, so while the apps listed are all great in their own right, there's no single standout platform. However, each recommended app does have its own unique style and set of features.

Pandora launches $15 monthly family plan

FOX News

Pandora has quietly launched a new Premium Family plan. Considering Pandora Premium costs $9.99 a month for just one account, this new option is a good deal for families. "Each of your Premium Family members will get full access to Pandora Premium features, but they'll have their own account," Pandora wrote in a FAQ article about the new plan. "In other words, you won't have to share your music unless you want to." Subscribers will also get access to "Our Soundtrack," a "regularly-updated playlist created just for your family that combines each person's unique musical tastes," Pandora wrote.

Moods, discoveries and sharing: tips and tricks to make the most of your Spotify listening

The Guardian

How to use Spotify: hit play, ensure ears are on. There's a much deeper audio experience to be had if you take advantage of the platform's impressive functionality across its mobile and desktop versions. From turning Spotify into an alarm clock to creating communal playlists with friends, not to mention using it to learn Korean, it's worth looking into the full range of its features. Read on for our list of the best tips and tricks to make the most of Spotify. Although, yes: you will need your ears on.

'Hey Spotify, play Up First:' Two weeks with Car Thing


After years of rumors, confirmation and vague descriptions, Spotify has finally made its first piece of hardware available to select users. Even though the company revealed the full details on Car Thing earlier this month, it's only a "limited release" right now. I've spent two weeks with Car Thing in my car (obviously), and can tell you one thing -- this dedicated Spotify player is really more of a controller for the app on your phone. Spotify first tipped its hand on an in-car music player in 2018. It offered a few Reddit users the opportunity to try a compact device that reportedly featured voice control and 4G connectivity.