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The 7 best deep learning books you should be reading right now - PyImageSearch


In today's post I'm going to share with you the 7 best deep learning books (in no particular order) I have come across and would personally recommend you read.

27 Amazing Data Science Books Every Data Scientist Should Read


Every person has their own way of learning. What helped me break into data science was books. There is nothing like opening your mind to a world of knowledge condensed into a few hundred pages. There is a magic and allure to books that I have never found in any other medium of learning. "If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking." Learning Data Science on your own can be a very daunting task!

Introduction to Computer Vision - Algorithmia Blog


Using software to parse the world's visual content is as big of a revolution in computing as mobile was 10 years ago, and will provide a major edge for developers and businesses to build amazing products. While these types of algorithms have been around in various forms since the 1960's, recent advances in Machine Learning, as well as leaps forward in data storage, computing capabilities, and cheap high-quality input devices, have driven major improvements in how well our software can explore this kind of content. Computer Vision is the broad parent name for any computations involving visual content – that means images, videos, icons, and anything else with pixels involved. A classical application of computer vision is handwriting recognition for digitizing handwritten content (we'll explore more use cases below). Any other application that involves understanding pixels through software can safely be labeled as computer vision.

Best Resources for Imbalanced Classification


Classification is a predictive modeling problem that involves predicting a class label for a given example. It is generally assumed that the distribution of examples in the training dataset is even across all of the classes. In practice, this is rarely the case. Those classification predictive models where the distribution of examples across class labels is not equal (e.g. are skewed) are called "imbalanced classification." Typically, a slight imbalance is not a problem and standard machine learning techniques can be used.

15 Best Machine Learning Books for 2020


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies have become key innovation accelerators for organizations looking for that extra edge. Machine Learning books are a great starting point for enthusiasts who want to transition to these in-demand roles. In this article we list down top machine learning books to get you started on ML journey. The increased usage of machine learning in enterprises has driven up the need for skilled professionals. Machine learning models serve up Netflix recommendations, Facebook's News Feed leverages machine learning to drum up personalized content, and Twitter utilizes machine learning to rank tweets and boost engagements.