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Indoor hospitality and household visits resume in NI

BBC News

Non-essential travel from Northern Ireland to other parts of the Common Travel Area (CTA) is to be allowed from Monday and people will not be required to isolate on return if they have visited family or friends in other parts of the area.

4 AI Advances in the Hospitality Industry


Artificial intelligence has been invented and developed for one main purpose: to serve humanity. The hospitality sector is entirely focused on that: serving customers, making them feel comfortable, and providing them (quite obviously) with pleasant hospitality. Rather than bringing another alleged "revolution," this time AI is simply assisting hospitality professionals to do what they already do: allow people to enjoy their stay. The newest developments in AI and automation technology are becoming, in fact, some of the most efficient instruments to smooth out the daily operations of many hospitality facilities and improve the overall customer experience. Try to imagine an intelligent hotel where everything is managed by fully automated services and robots powered by a smart and flexible central AI (which we won't ever call Halo, by any means).

Hospitality Technology 2020 By Karthik Namasivayam – Hospitality Net


The purpose of this essay is to understand some technologies that will impact the hospitality industry in the near future – the year 2020 is arbitrary, I had first titled the article as'Hospitality Technology 2025' but the pace of technological developments shifted the horizon! Each of these is elaborated in the next paragraphs. Caveat: This is a very quick overview. Each of these technologies is complex and is associated with a number of'human' and moral questions. For example, who is responsible for a death if the vehicle causing the accident is a self-driving car?

Chick-fil-A VP: Here are five hallmarks of outstanding hospitality

FOX News

An exhausted mother pulled in to the parking lot at a local restaurant. She loved visiting this restaurant because the people working there knew her name, her kids' names and their orders.

Infor buys Vivonet to bolster hospitality portfolio


Enterprise software vendor Infor said it plans to acquire hospitality software maker Vivonet. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Vivonet supplies point-of-sale software to a range of businesses in the hospitality space. In addition to POS, the company also makes software for kiosks, kitchen systems, payments, labor scheduling, and for food and labor cost management. Infor plans to use Vivonet to build out its hospitality portfolio with software for full and quick service restaurants, as well as hotel food and beverage micro-verticals.