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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Content Marketing


In more than one way, Artificial Intelligence or AI has already made a powerful presence in digital marketing. As a segment of the digital marketing plan, content marketing is also getting blessed by the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The impact has been limited to just a few aspects, like content marketing strategy and content recommendations based on age, demographic locations, personal preferences, etc. There are many to be implemented within a few years from the growing collaboration between AI-powered content marketing tools and content marketers. Today, we're going to take a forward leap to see how artificial intelligence is transforming content marketing as well.

3 ways in which AI will change content marketing


New technology doesn't arrive in a neatly packaged bundle like a gift under the tree on Christmas morning. It comes in fits and starts, in huge leaps followed by sideways steps; an incremental improvement here, a seismic shift there. So it is with artificial intelligence, a technology that has been threatening to disrupt the way businesses approach marketing for years. If AI has yet to transform your sector, it's only a matter of time. Learning about the potential afforded by artificial intelligence – the threats and opportunities it presents – will leave you primely positioned to capitalise when the time is right.

How to Harness AI in your Content Marketing Strategy


Content marketers must produce content in quantity – MYTH! The marketer's goal is to produce results. It's important to understand what content works (quality) over the misguided goals of quantity. AI does the heavy lifting of the content audit even for brands with a high volume of content assets. A COMPETITIVE AUDIT ISVITAL Don't skip the competitive audit.

How AI will pull content marketing back from the brink of destruction


Hemingway tried to warn us. Because we've created a monster that's bent on ruining the content marketing that was once the saving grace in our long journey toward self-destruction. You know what's even scarier? Almost everyone is doing content marketing. Yet, less than half of B2B marketers feel their efforts are performing better than "meh."

B2B Content Marketing Calendar: How to Build A Winning B2B Marketing Content Calendar


Does your content calendar have any gaps? What is the B2B content marketing calendar? Are you confused about picking the right and relevant content topics to add to your calendar? The content calendar is the greasy task to perform, and at the same time, the must-have digital marketing task for the B2B companies to gain the audience's attention. There are several aspects from performing SEO to reaching the industry trends to promote your products or services in the market.