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My Defense of the Iffier Items I'm Writing Off on My Taxes

The New Yorker

My mom explained to me that, in order to get hired, I needed a good Web site, so I bought the domain name "Katzentoons." I tried to make a Web site, but it turned out I don't really know how to do that. I then tried to delete my GoDaddy account, but I don't know how to do that, either. Now I pay eleven dollars a year to make sure that nobody else takes "Katzentoons." This is a euphemism for my bed, where I eat, sleep, and sometimes write jokes.

6 Ways Companies Are Using Data Analytics to Reduce Expenses - insideBIGDATA


Expense reduction is a constant goal for most companies. Fortunately, data analytics can assist with keeping costs down in several ways. Here are six of them. There's a rising trend in equipping vehicles from company fleets with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that give management personnel details about things ranging from truck routes to driver fatigue. One company that participated in a research study to pinpoint the effects of big data analytics on logistics operations found it was possible to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by relying on data analytics software.

How a llama and a blowup doll ended up on business expense reports

Los Angeles Times

A llama, a blowup doll and a bagpipe player all appeared on business expense reports in 2016, and you may be surprised to learn which of the three was approved. Each year, U.S. businesses spend about $310 billion on travel and entertainment expenses, according to the Global Business Travel Assn. Most of those expenses are sensible and boring, like airline tickets to a business meeting in Scranton, Pa., or dinner with a client at TGI Fridays. Certify, a cloud-based travel and expense report company, surveyed 430 business travelers to report the craziest business expenses submitted for approval in 2016. The craziest expense, according to Certify, was $150 submitted by a marketing executive to rent a llama for a photo shoot.

How AI can save businesses from costly mistakes in expense reports


This popular software tool allows managers to set spending limits, establish approval and routing rules and even designate preferred vendors. Account managers receive immediate notification of policy violations, while also enjoying the ability to quickly review and approve submitted reports. This provides management the ability to control company spending, while employees are able to receive reimbursements more quickly. Best of all, in-depth reporting lets you take a closer look at your spending to examine potential areas of concern.

Uber Eats makes it easier to expense business lunch


If you're pulling an all-nighter at the office, it's easy enough to reach for your phone and grab something from Uber Eats. It's a popular thing to do, too, with corporate expense platforms seeing Eats requests skyrocket over the last year.