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AI Market Leaders Join Forces to Release ModzyTM, an AI Platform and Model Marketplace, Introducing Choice, Scale, and Security for the Enterprise.


MCLEAN, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Booz Allen introduces ModzyTM, a first-of-its-kind enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) software product with a mission of its own: putting AI to work through the power of trusted models and a secure, scalable platform. The Modzy platform and model marketplace create the missing AI layer in today's tech stack, accelerating the deployment of AI from the lab to the enterprise. With click-to-deploy access for a growing list of AI models from leading tech companies and open source communities, and an environment to upload, manage and reuse AI models, Modzy greatly reduces risk and barriers to adopting and scaling AI. Interested customers can request an invitation to the Modzy Early Access Program, beginning today. "Achieving the promise of AI requires much more than training the next algorithm. It's about giving organizations choice and having a predictable and repeatable way to rapidly deploy, manage and secure AI models at enterprise scale," said Dr. Josh Sullivan, senior vice president, Booz Allen Hamilton and Modzy executive leader.

Modzy is a marketplace for enterprise AI software and models


Companies are trying to find the most efficient ways to use machine learning models in their businesses. Modzy, a product of Booz Allen, is designed to make that process easier and safer for enterprises. Seth Clark, senior associate at Booz Allen, described Modzy in an interview with VentureBeat as a machine learning operationalization platform. More colloquially, it's an online store where you can find and acquire AI tools. "What we're trying to do is help organizations get AI capabilities out of the lab, off of someone's laptop, and into a production system," said Clark.

AI Today Podcast #123: AI and the Environment Cognilytica


AI is playing an increasing role in helping researchers and conservationists identify and address the impacts of climate change on our planet. However, it's also very compute and resource intensive contributing to carbon emissions. In this episode of the AI Today podcast we discuss the good, bad, and ugly of AI and it's impact on the environment. Modzy allows users to evaluate, deploy, embed and manage the best AI models at scale, and upload their own models for management and governance. With API access, built-in governance, adversarial defense, model retraining, and early-stage explainability, Modzy solves the toughest challenges related to scaling trustworthy AI to the enterprise.

Modzy Briefing Note Cognilytica


Booz Allen Hamilton, a technology and management consulting and engineering firm, has teamed with an impressive list of AI software companies such as NVIDIA, HyperGiant, and Orbital Insight to announce the release of Modzy, designed to help organizations and agencies rapidly deploy, manage and secure AI models. Modzy provides functionality for organizations to rapidly scale their ML models across the enterprise by offering a combination of a growing'marketplace' of software defined models, combined with an AI platform accessible through an API that provides model management, operationalization support, governance, and adversarial defense security.

It's Official – Our DNN Models are Now Commodity Software


Summary: Booze Allen just launched a one-stop shop for all manner of pretested DNN models. This makes buying just like picking accounting, CRM, or HRIS software. Equally as important, it's a genius example of platform strategy to lock in customers and lock out competitors. The common vision of developing and deploying a deep learning model is half-a-dozen (at least) data scientists and engineers slogging away over maybe three to six months before having that MVP to first test in production. Go down to the software store, grab a COTS (commercial off the shelf) DNN for any image or text problem you may have, add a little transfer learning, and slam, bang, thank you ma'am you're in production.