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Mississippi Advances 'Urine Trouble' Law to Ban Fake Urine

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The Mississippi Association of Self-Insurers is pushing the bill. Director Dan Gibson says phony urine is a safety concern because drug tests should accurately reveal if workers have consumed dangerous chemicals.

Is urine actually sterile?

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It's a fact frequently shared at parties and across social media: urine is sterile, so you should drink it if you find yourself in a waterless pinch. But like so many cocktail party factoids, this one is absolutely not true. Urine ain't sterile, friends, and neither is any part of you. Microbes are an indelible part of our bodies and the world around us. Not even the uterus and placenta, long thought to enshroud fetuses in sterile envelopes during gestation, are actually germ-free zones.

Mississippi Would Combat Fake Urine With 'Urine Trouble' Law

U.S. News

Republican Rep. Andy Gipson says synthetic human urine products are being sold in truck stops. During a meeting of a state House committee Thursday, Gipson held up what he said was an $18.99 vial of liquid that was sold just a few miles from the state Capitol.

Feeling Overtaxed? The Romans Would Tax Your Urine

National Geographic

The boys endured a five-to-eight-year military training while also laboring for the state at workshops, farms, ships, and construction sites. "Of course they were also the base of the [elite] Janissary army," explains Gülay Y?lmaz, a historian at Akdeniz University in Turkey. "And the administrative bureaucratic elite of the empire were mostly from those boys who were levied and spared for a special education in the palaces to become administrators."

Jared Kushner Still Hasn't Been Granted Top Level Security Clearance


First son-in-law Jared Kushner has famously struggled to get permanent security clearance to do whatever it is he does in the Trump White House these days. Kushner's tangle of questionable business relationships and host of ill-conceived political meetings with foreign governments has made him a bit of a liability to the country, if not Trump himself. Now, midway through year two of the Trump presidency, the Washington Post reports Kushner still has not received permanent clearance to view America's most sensitive secrets or "sensitive compartmented information" (SCI), which often involves information about intelligence sources and methods and requires CIA approval to view. Kushner's lack of SCI access suggests that the CIA has not signed off on his receiving that level of intelligence, security experts said. The White House security office has authority to independently grant a "top secret" clearance after reviewing a staffer's FBI background investigation… When White House security officials granted him a permanent clearance in late May, he was granted only "top secret" status--a level that does not allow him to see some of the country's most closely guarded intelligence, said the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss security issues.