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Can Math Predict What You Will Do Next?


As technology develops, scientists may find that we can predict human behavior rather well in one area, while still lacking in another. It's very difficult to give an overall sense of the limitations. For instance, facial recognition may be easier to emulate because vision is one of many human sensory processing systems, or because there are only so many ways faces can differ. On the other hand, predicting voting behavior, especially based on the 2016 presidential election, is quite another story. There are many complex and not yet understood reasons why humans do what they do.

Can Overhearers Predict Who Will Speak Next?

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One theory of turn-taking in dialogue is that the current speaker controls when the other conversant can speak, which is also the basis of most spoken dialogue systems. A second theory is that the two conversants negotiate who will speak next. In this paper, we testthese theories by examining how well an overhearer can predict this,based only on the current speaker's utterance, which is what the other conversant would have access to. We had overhearers listen to the current speaker and indicate whether they felt the current speaker will continue or not. Our results support the negotiative model.

Michio Kaku Predicts "The Future of Humanity"

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Sea levels that are too high. Ice levels that are too low. Needless to say, planet Earth (and by extension, humanity) is going through a lot right now. Could our future be in the stars? World-renowned physicist Michio Kaku explores the cosmos in his new book, "The Future of Humanity."

60% Of CIOs Predict Spending On Analytics Will Increase This Year


These and many other fascinating insights are from IDG Research's latest study, CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2018 (7 pp., PDF, opt-in). You can find a summary of the research here.The study is based on interviews with 186 senior IT executives, 67% of whom are C-level, 20% are directors, 10% are executive & senior vice presidents. Please see the study for additional details regarding the methodology. IDG found that analytics, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) are expected to have the greatest organizational impact over the next three to five years.

Officials Predict More Wildfires for Kansas in 2018

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Heavy rain from April through September last year prompted heavy growth of brush and grass, resulting in "large to significant fuel loads" across the region, said Chip Redmond, a meteorologist with Kansas State's Mesonet. Abnormally dry weather west of Wichita over the past three months is depleting any remaining moisture and drying out the grass, he said.