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Hotter than 'Hamilton'? Kusama 'Infinity Mirrors' frenzy prompts the Broad to offer 40,000 more tickets

Los Angeles Times

Just how high is the demand for the Broad's upcoming "Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors" exhibition? After 50,000 tickets sold out in less than an hour earlier this month, the museum announced Monday that it would sell 40,000 additional tickets and stay open later each day to allow more fans into the show. Those additional tickets go on sale at noon Oct. 2. "Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors," which will feature six of the artist's Instagram-friendly room installations, initially sold out Sept. 1. The Broad, which is usually free, is charging $25 for the special exhibition. The ticket frenzy came despite -- or perhaps because of -- the fact that the museum already has one Kusama "Infinity Mirror" room in its permanent collection.

Standby-Based Deadlock Avoidance Method for Multi-Agent Pickup and Delivery Tasks Artificial Intelligence

The multi-agent pickup and delivery (MAPD) problem, in which multiple agents iteratively carry materials without collisions, has received significant attention. However, many conventional MAPD algorithms assume a specifically designed grid-like environment, such as an automated warehouse. Therefore, they have many pickup and delivery locations where agents can stay for a lengthy period, as well as plentiful detours to avoid collisions owing to the freedom of movement in a grid. By contrast, because a maze-like environment such as a search-and-rescue or construction site has fewer pickup/delivery locations and their numbers may be unbalanced, many agents concentrate on such locations resulting in inefficient operations, often becoming stuck or deadlocked. Thus, to improve the transportation efficiency even in a maze-like restricted environment, we propose a deadlock avoidance method, called standby-based deadlock avoidance (SBDA). SBDA uses standby nodes determined in real-time using the articulation-point-finding algorithm, and the agent is guaranteed to stay there for a finite amount of time. We demonstrated that our proposed method outperforms a conventional approach. We also analyzed how the parameters used for selecting standby nodes affect the performance.

A New Super-High Satellite Will Eye Weather on Earth--and in Space


Today, the newest member of a family of storm-spotting satellites will head to space, carrying high-resolution cameras that will be used in real time to track everything from hurricanes and floods to wildfires and smoke, and even space weather. The GOES-T satellite is scheduled to blast off at 4:38 pm Eastern time--weather permitting, of course--on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V 541 rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Basically, any kind of good or bad weather, any kind of hazardous environmental condition, the cameras on GOES-T will see them," says Pamela Sullivan, director of the GOES-R program at the the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, which together with NASA designed and built the new satellite. "The GOES satellites really help people every day, before, during and after a disaster." The new satellite will be part of a pair of eyes that spy on North America--one looking west and the other looking east. GOES-T will focus on the western continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, some parts of Central America, and the Pacific Ocean.

Lenovo reveals a range of new smart devices

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Lenovo has announced a range of new smart devices at the IFA conference in Berlin today. The new devices include a mixed reality headset, as well as a Home Assistant pack which transforms your tablet into a smart assistant. As well as the new smart devices, Lenovo also announced the launch of the moto x4 – a smartphone integrated with Amazon Alexa. Lenovo has announced a range of new smart devices at the IFA conference in Berlin today. One of Lenovo's new products is the Yoga 920 laptop, which comes with Pen, Voice and Biometrics.

BrandPost: The World's Only Processor Family with Full Memory Encryption*


Whether you are a large corporation or small business, protecting your customers and business data is important. There are numerous reports of computers being lost or stolen containing very sensitive information such as banking records, individuals' health information, and even government FBI investigations. With modern notebooks and desktop PCs that are never fully turned off, the threat of this data being stolen from a physical attack (sometimes referred to as a "Cold Boot Attack") is high. Many security mechanisms, even drive encryption, can be defeated through this type of attack. Through a modern, multi-layered approach to security, AMD processors help protect sensitive data from today's sophisticated attacks, help avoid downtime, and can reduce resource drain.