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12 Startups Fighting Cancer With Artificial Intelligence


As the global population ages, the number of cancer cases is going up. New cancer diagnoses are expected to rise by 70% in the next 2 decades, from 14 million to around 22 million, according to an estimate by the World Health Organization. Corporate giants like Google and IBM are already focusing on making breakthroughs in oncology, using advanced AI algorithms for early detection and personalized treatment of cancer. Google DeepMind announced a research partnership with the University College London Hospitals' radiotherapy department. DeepMind will test the use of machine learning to reduce the time it takes to plan radiotherapy treatment for hard-to-treat cancers of the head and neck.

SEC selects Casepoint for its cloud-based e-discovery pilot


Casepoint was selected over a number of other e-discovery technology solutions after undergoing a rigorous multi-step evaluation process. The SEC's evaluation factors included assessing software features and functionality, cybersecurity, management and key personnel, past performance, and a competitive proof of concept process. The SEC receives approximately 3,500 new productions, totaling nearly 10TB after processing, each month. The SEC's existing e-discovery systems contain almost 1PB of data across 7,300 cases and must support 600 users in its Washington, D.C. headquarters and 1,200 additional users across its 11 regional offices nationwide. It was imperative that the SEC chose an enterprise-scale solution that is fast, powerful, and easy-to-use.

George P Bush Hails House Select Infrastructure Committee

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Land Commissioner George P. Bush is applauding the creation of a special House committee on ports and infrastructure, saying it could further efforts to build a much-needed protective hurricane barrier along Texas' Gulf Coast.

Tech Investors Prepare to Say Goodbye to Facebook, Google WSJD - Technology

Index providers S&P Dow Jones Indices and MSCI are officially creating a new communication-services sector to replace telecom, the smallest of the index's 11 segments. S&P will complete its reclassification Sept. 21, and many others who use the classifications will do so by Sept. 28. Some companies that are currently in the tech and consumer-discretionary sectors will move into the communication group. As part of this shift, providers of exchange-traded funds need to rebalance the stocks in their sector ETFs while selling the stocks that are moving to new sectors. Facebook Inc., for example, now comprises 5.8% of State Street's $23 billion Technology Select Sector SPDR ETF but will have to be sold as the social media giant moves into the communication-services sector.

Abraaj selects Ravn's cognitive search platform Africa Global Funds (AGF) LLC


The Abraaj Group has deployed RAVN Connect Enterprise to bring about long-term transformation of its approaches to knowledge management and firm-wide collaboration across 20 offices. The new solution enables Abraaj's employees to easily search and access both proprietary and commissioned knowledge sources via a single interface working in a seamless manner on its proprietary'Opera' platform. Additionally, the Knowledge Graph feature allows Abraaj to visualise and navigate the interrelationships between experts, content, investments, and investors in a way that was previously impossible, making rapid access to the relevant resource in a secure manner a reality. Ovais Naqvi, Managing Director - Head of Market Engagement at Abraaj, said: "Our primary goal here is to leverage knowledge to accelerate business and deal decision-making and to harness the collaborative power of a multi-geography growth markets organisation." "RAVN Connect is an important component in a differentiation we bring to our investors around how we share knowledge and get to more dynamic decisions on deal flow.