The Hover Camera will follow you around in the air and record your entire life


Though the Hover Camera has four propeller blades and a camera on its front, Meng Qiu "MQ" Wang, CEO of Zero Zero Robotics, prefers to call it a "flying camera." Whether that's walking down Fifth Avenue enjoying an ice cream cone on a sweltering hot day or mountain biking off some cliff, the Hover Camera wants to be right there next to you without you needing to fiddle with complicated remote controls to fly it. The Hover Camera is enclosed in a carbon fiber frame and has a 13-megapixel camera on the front that shoots 4K video. I agree with MQ that drones are too complex for most people to fly without crashing them and endangering people around them. The Hover Camera -- which people will inevitably call a drone, anyway -- is relatively small.

The Hover Camera is here, ready to shoot all your aerial selfies


Zero Zero Robotics' Hover Camera is now called the Hover Camera Passport. I got a first look at the prototype of the paperback-sized "flying camera" (the company's still not calling it a drone) earlier this year. After securing over 25 million in investor funding, Zero Zero Robotics is finally launching the foldable quadcopter camera -- the first in a lineup of planned flying cameras from the company. Zero Zero Robotics CEO Meng Qiu "MQ" Wang told Mashable the company was shooting for under 600 for the consumer release. A buck under 600 technically still qualifies, technically.

Hover Camera can now follow and record its owner sans phone


The term "selfie drones" may suggest an added level of convenience, but in reality, these machines still share one common pain point with conventional offerings: they need to be connected to a mobile device for initiation, mode selection and landing. The folks over at Zero Zero Robotics, however, are tackling this issue with a software update for their Hover Camera Passport. As we previewed back at CES, this foldable, fully-enclosed drone is finally getting an "Owner Mode," in which it can follow and record its owner without ever having to turn on the smartphone. Of course, in order to get the drone to recognize its owner, there is a one-time setup in the app for it to remember one's face. After that, it's simply a matter of booting up the device, let it fly in place, and once it spots its owner it'll automatically start recording video while following around.

The foldable, fully-enclosed Passport drone is yours for 549


Foldability is all the hype in the drone world these days, as is the case with the GoPro Karma and the DJI Mavic. But before these two were announced, we already heard about Zero Zero Robotics' Hover Camera 4K drone that is truly foldable and also fully enclosed -- in the sense that you can grab hold it any way you want without getting cut by the propellers, plus you're less likely to cause havoc in a room. Today, we bring you the good news that this nifty little machine -- under the new name "Passport" -- is finally launching for 549. For those who aren't already familiar, the Passport is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-compact quadcopter powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon Flight platform. It comes with a 13-megapixel still camera that can shoot 4K video, and there's a foldable carbon-fiber enclosure for the propellers -- the drone is about the size of a VHS cassette tape when folded, if you know what that is.

This Selfie Drone Uses Artificial Intelligence and Just Got the Backing of Apple


Built with artificial intelligence, the Hover Camera Passport selfie drone detects and follows users. Source: Zero Zero Robotics At this year's CES, a little company named Zero Zero Robotics demonstrated a flying camera drone that hovers near you taking pictures and autonomously detects, follows and records your movements. That selfie drone, called Hover Camera Passport, is now available and just picked up a huge backer in the form of Apple Inc. The smartphone giant has started exclusively selling the drone online and in its Apple stores in five countries. The Hover Camera Passport is powered by internally-developed artificial intelligence that the company says allows consumers to operate the drone camera out of the box and works for both indoor and outdoor environments.