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Trainee robot office manager 'Betty' monitors staff in Milton Keynes

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Appealing to your manager's human nature to get a day off work could get a whole lot more difficult in the future - because they may not be human at all. A robot office manager, named Betty, is being tested by a business in Milton Keynes for two months to help patrol the corridors and monitor its staff. The robot, developed by engineers at the University of Birmingham, uses artificial intelligence to help it keep track of where people are in the office, who is at their desk and keep tabs on clutter. Betty the robot (pictured), developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham, is working as an office manager at the Transport Systems Catapult in Milton Keynes. While there are many who fear robots are on the verge of stealing our jobs, it seems they have a weak spot - flat packed furniture.

Crime fighting robots could soon replace security guards

Daily Mail - Science & tech

At just 5ft, they may not seem like the most imposing security guards, but they could soon be patrolling shopping centres around the world. The Knightscope K5 robots are the creation of a Silicon Valley startup firm and have been specially designed for fighting crime. And the company says it has just signed a deal which will see the droids roll out across 16 cities. Knightscope has just signed a deal which will see its K5 security droids (pictured) roll out to shopping malls across 16 cities in the United States. The K5 crime-fighting robots are 5ft tall and come with GPS, lasers, and heat-detecting technology.

Just Eat tests self-driving takeaway robots in London

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The knock at the door from a harassed delivery driver clutching a plastic bag full of food could be about to end. A fleet of autonomous wheeled drones are to be used on the streets of central London to carry meals ordered through the Just Eat takeaway app. Meals will be placed inside the insulated compartments of the droids and customers will be given a secure code to open them when it arrives at their door. Customers order their food online and are given a secret code which will give access to the six-wheel drone (pictured) upon arrival at their door. Unlike robots designed to resemble humans, the Starship's bot is purely functional with a large compartment to hold deliveries, the equivalent size of two grocery bags.

Robots Are Invading Malls (and Sidewalks) Near You


At the upscale Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California, people are taking selfies with a roving robot that looks like a cross between Wall-E's girlfriend and R2D2. It's actually a K5 robot security guard--a 300-pound, sensor-filled droid made by a startup called Knightscope that patrols the area and detects suspicious behavior. K5 is part of a small but growing number of human-scale mobile robots that are finding employment outside the confines of industrial settings like factories. They're invading consumer spaces including retail stores, hotels, and sidewalks in a quest to deliver services alongside human staff members for a fraction of the price of employing people to do a variety of typically unexciting tasks. The machines come with navigation capabilities and safety features to allow them to perform simple jobs autonomously without putting people at risk.

Russian robot escapes testing area to cause chaos on local streets

Daily Mail - Science & tech

It is not every day you see a runaway robot causing traffic chaos in a city centre. The robot, named Promobot, was being put through its paces at a research lab in the city of Perm in central Russia's Perm Krai region. The robot, designed to avoid obstacles and to turn around when it reached a boundary, had been left walking around an outside yard. This is the hilarious moment a runaway robot causes traffic chaos in a city centre. The robot - called Promobot - was being put through its paces at a research lab in the city of Perm in central Russia's Perm Krai region Promobot - short for Promotional Robot - is a unique robot created by Russian scientists and is designed to work in customer relations.