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Ripples of change are starting to spread throughout the $108.9 billion computer gaming industry, as blockchain technology looks set to change core aspects of games enjoyed by 2.2 billion people around the world. Better security as well as new opportunities and incentives for gamers are just some of the benefits that blockchain can bring to our virtual pastimes. The developments are getting a boost from both big technology companies and increased funding for startups. Mythical Games provides an excellent example of the latter. The startup came out of stealth in November of this year, announcing a $16 million Series A funding round.



Resh Buasiness Consult presents its maiden 2020 VIRTUAL STARTUPS SUMMIT on November 7, 2020 on the theme: "LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY AND DIGITAL SKILLS TO BUILDING SUSTAINABLE BUSINESSES" This is event is gona feature multiple speakers in diverse fields ranging from tech experts, digital marketers, seasoned business coaches, human resource experts and many more. Due to the the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is entirely virtual since the number of anticipated participants is around 500. The good news is that, the events is totallt free but requires you to register to reserve a seat. As statement earlier, the event is totally virtual on zoom. After reservation of seat, download zoom app.

Startup Office Firm Taking on Zoom in Virtual World WSJD - Technology

Zoom has thrived during the pandemic by offering virtual conferences as an alternative to office gatherings. Now, a firm in the events and meetings business is launching an alternative to Zoom.

Predictions for Virtual Assistants in 2017


Now that 2017 has officially started, we are looking forward to exploring the latest technologies and how they will impact our lives. It's clear that AI will infuse everything and it's expected to impact all industries including: healthcare, energy, transportation, and retail! One area expected to grow exponentially are virtual assistants. With the already established existence of Siri, Cortana and Google Now, we will see conversational agents becoming more and more personalized. The market is expected to grow drastically over the next few years and we'll be showcasing advances in virtual assistants and artificial intelligence from the world's leading innovators at the Virtual Assistant Summit on 26-27 January in San Francisco.

Social Out, VR In: We Analyzed Thousands Of Early-Stage Startup Descriptions To See Where Tech Is Headed Next


But in aggregate, company descriptions reveal important trends shaping innovation in Silicon Valley and beyond. Are founders still trying to build the next Snapchat? Is virtual reality finally poised to come into its own? At CB Insights, we aggregate and analyze enormous amounts of data to help answer strategic questions about the future of investing. Our data includes the descriptions of thousands of companies that have received a first round of venture capital investment since 2010.