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Pornhub is still hosting 'deepfake' porn with millions of views, despite promise to ban


Pornhub has promised to remove "deepfake" porn from its massive video platform. But 48 of these videos remained online Monday morning, some with millions of views.

Gfycat Uses Artificial Intelligence to Fight Deepfakes Porn


Facial recognition and machine learning programs have officially been democratized, and of course the internet is using the tech to make porn. As first reported by Motherboard, people are now creating AI-assisted face-swap porn, often featuring a celebrity's face mapped onto a porn star's body, like Gal Gadot's likeness in a clip where she's supposedly sleeping with her stepbrother. But while stopping these so-called deepfakes has challenged Reddit, Pornhub, and other communities, GIF-hosting company Gfycat thinks it's found a better answer.

Pornhub hasn't been actively enforcing its deepfake ban


Remember how Pornhub said it was banning AI-generated deepfake videos? BuzzFeed News "easily" found over 100 of the non-consensual videos by searching for obvious keywords like "deepfake" and "fake deep," nearly all of them explicitly mentioning their deepfake status in the title or the uploader's username. The clips had been around for a while, too, as they had hundreds of thousands or even millions of views. Some videos surfaced in home page recommendations. The site had removed some of the videos after BuzzFeed got in touch, but others were still listed (again, with hundreds of thousands of views) after searching for other keywords.

What Are Deepfakes? Pornhub Bans Fake Porn Videos Made Using AI

International Business Times

Technology, since it has been around, has been a double-edged sword, and as technology becomes more advanced, so does its potential for use, and abuse. And the abuse shows up in numerous, nefarious ways, deepfake videos being only the latest trend to hit the world.

Pornhub, Twitter and Reddit ban AI-generated celeb porn

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Several top web firms are taking action against users who spread fake porn videos of celebrities on their sites, also known as'deepfakes.'