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These Are the 7 Best Wireless Headphones Under $100

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We sought out the most impressive tech with the most desirable price tags. On-ear controls and a built-in microphone make switching from music to calls a breeze. To buy: iFrogz Impulse Wireless Headphones, Perfect for the on-the-go listener who needs their buds to stay in place through daily treadmill sessions. The TripleLock technology uses a fin, sticky gel, and an outside-the-lobe fix to keep speakers securely in your ears.

Grab a refurbished pair of Bose wireless headphones on sale for $80


If you're interested in a new pair of wireless in-ear headphones, it's worth looking at refurbished options. And the Bose SoundSport Wireless In-Ear Headphones should definitely be on your radar. Whether you're a podcast or music lover, these headphones will meet your needs with great audio quality and ear tips designed to be comfortable. You'll be able to connect easily to Bluetooth-compatible electronics and use the inline mic to take calls, control the volume, and more. The headphones are also sweat-resistant, making them good for long runs, intense workouts, or just an extra-hot summertime stroll.

Best deals on headphones, updated daily


Everybody needs a decent pair of headphones that work for them and satisfy their audio needs. What else are you going to do on your commute, listen to your thoughts? No thanks, we'd rather catch up on our podcast backlog, please. The thing about headphones, though, is that they really run the spectrum in terms of quality and price -- and then you have to decide if they're the right fight for you (pro-tip: Just because they're expensive, doesn't mean they're the best). If you need help picking out a pair, scroll to the bottom of this page to take a look at our shopping guide.

The best heaphone deals from the Cyber Monday UK sale: Beats, Bose, Sony, Panasonic, and more


The Amazon Black Friday Uk sale produced some great deals on a wide range of products, encompassing everything from top of the range TVs to extra large bags of cat food. We also saw some great deals on headphones (and earphones) from big names like Bose, Beats, Sony, and more. If you thought these deals would dry up as we moved into Cyber Week well you were wrong, so very wrong. If anything, the opportunity to pick up a great set of headphones at a discounted rate has increased, with Panasonic, Bang & Olufsen, Sennheiser, and others offering great deals in the Cyber Monday UK sale. You can pick up Bose SoundSport in-ear earphones for £44.95,

These Are the Best Headphones for Running

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While many over-the-ear headphones offer uncompromising audio, even the most rigid audiophiles must consider fit, battery life, water resistance and durability if they're going for a run. Luckily, some in-ear headphones don't compromise much on quality. The team at SpecOut compiled a list of the best headphones for running. Every pair is in-ear style, fits into the "sport" category and features a built-in volume remote. We've included a mix of traditional and wireless headphones, the latter of which are beginning to break into the market as price-competitive alternatives.