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Despite the hype, nobody is beating Nvidia in AI


You have to wonder whether Nvidia is going to get sick of winning all the time. The company's stock price is up to $178--69% more than this time last year. Nvidia is riding high on its core technology, the graphics processing unit used in the machine-learning that powers the algorithms of Facebook and Google; partnerships with nearly every company keen on building self-driving cars; and freshly announced hardware deals with three of China's biggest internet companies. Investors say this isn't even the top for Nvidia: William Stein at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey predicts Nvidia's revenue from selling server-grade GPUs to internet companies, which doubled last year, will continue to increase 61% annually until 2020. Nvidia will likely see competition in the near future.

New AI will team up with CCTV to predict your every move

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Nvidia is striving to create a creepy, all-knowing surveillance system unlike any other. The company's'Metropolis' intelligent video analytics system combines always-on CCTV with complex machine learning artificial intelligence. The platform can constantly process and contextualise data from a network of over a billion cameras, the company claims. In a new video, Nvidia outlines how its enormous camera system could be used in cities as early as 2020. Nvidia's Metropolis is an intelligent video analytics platform that can process footage from over a billion security cameras looking for patterns and usable data.

The 2 Best Stock Ideas I Took Away From CES 2018


As you might expect from the headline, I'm about to give you a couple of stock ideas from that crazy annual tech extravaganza in Las Vegas known as the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES.

Nvidia Metropolis video analytics paves the way for AI cities


In a city of the future, it would be nice to know quickly if there's a fire burning out of control, a crime in progress at a certain location, or a traffic snarl at a particular corner. Nvidia hopes to detect such problems in smart cities using Nvidia Metropolis, which the company said could pave the way for the creation of smart artificial intelligence cities. Nvidia announced the tech ahead of its GPU Technology conference this week in San Jose, California. Metropolis is a video analytics platform that applies deep learning AI to video streams for applications such as public safety, traffic management, and resource optimization. Nvidia said that Metropolis could make cities safer, and more than 50 partner companies are already providing products and applications for AI city uses based on graphics processing units (GPUs) made by Nvidia. "Deep learning is enabling powerful intelligent video analytics that turn anonymized video into real-time valuable insights, enhancing safety and improving lives," said Deepu Talla, vice president and general manager of the Tegra business at Nvidia, in a statement.

Nvidia launches CMP, cryptocurrency mining processor, may alleviate gaming chip shortages


Nvidia said it is launching a GPU dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies in a move that gives it a new growth market and may alleviate chip shortages for gaming. In a blog post, Nvidia said that is launching Nvidia CMP, or cryptocurrency mining processor. Nvidia CMP is designed for professional mining. Before the launch of its own cryptocurrency chip, Nvidia has been wrestling with shortages of its gaming chips, which were being used to mine cryptocurrency. With its GeForce RTX 3060 gaming processor launching February 25, Nvidia said it was "taking an important step to help ensure GeForce GPUs end up in the hands of gamers."