Future of Fintech: 9 Trends In Fintech We're Watching From AI To Chatbots To Blockchain


Financial services incumbents along with early-stage startups and large tech companies are all competing in fintech. CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal gave a 110-slide presentation at our fintech conference in New York. The full deck covered broad VC funding trends for fintech and the developments in large categories such as wealth management, blockchain, remittance tech, and insurance tech. On robo-advisors, Sanwal noted that market volatility has not necessarily been a boon to the category. "It's not all roses," he said. "There are headwinds … When market volatility picks up, people want to talk to an advisor." At the end Sanwal highlighted 9 trends we're watching that are generating excitement. The slides for those trends are included below. If you have questions, please use the hashtag. Use it on Twitter or on the mobile app, and I'll try to get to them. Please ask me easy questions only. If you like something about the presentation, please tweet it out. If you do not like something about the presentation, please just keep it to yourself. Let me jump in and we'll go through this pretty quickly, I think. So this is what we do, take lots of data and try to predict technology trends. You've seen this join the conversation piece. We have lots of great customers, many of whom are in the room.

Smart homes: what you need to know about I.o.T. devices Mortgage Rates, Mortgage News and Strategy : The Mortgage Reports


Today, so-called smart homes and IoT devices can make life easier, if you know how to use them. In short, just about every electronic device in your home can take orders from you and coordinate with others. You can make yours into a smart home like George and Judy Jetson's while keeping you safe using these gadgets. But, it helps to understand what IoT and smart devices are. Now, IoT and smart devices get used for creating smart home environments once only possible on television or in movies.

Artificial intelligence, Robots and Financial Services - Innomag.no


AI is entering Financial Services by automating processes, identifying patterns by crunching Big Data, and interacting with humans through voice. What areas of Financial Services will NOT be affected, and how will consumers buy banking and insurance services in the future? Artificial Intelligence surrounds us so seamlessly interwoven in our daily lives that we hardly pause to contemplate it during the day. Most of us carry around in our pockets our very own artificial intelligence assistants: iPhone s personal servants "Siri", Windows' "Cortana" and Android's "Google Now". All assistants communicate with us through interpreting and "understanding" natural language.

Modeling Public Mood and Emotion: Twitter Sentiment and Socio-Economic Phenomena

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We perform a sentiment analysis of all tweets published on the microblogging platform Twitter in the second half of 2008. We use a psychometric instrument to extract six mood states (tension, depression, anger, vigor, fatigue, confusion) from the aggregated Twitter content and compute a six-dimensional mood vector for each day in the timeline. We compare our results to a record of popular events gathered from media and sources. We find that events in the social, political, cultural and economic sphere do have a significant, immediate and highly specific effect on the various dimensions of public mood. We speculate that large scale analyses of mood can provide a solid platform to model collective emotive trends in terms of their predictive value with regards to existing social as well as economic indicators.

How science can help us make AI more trustworthy


Stories about racist Twitter accounts and crashing self-driving cars can make us think that artificial intelligence (AI) is a work in progress. But while these headline-grabbing mistakes reveal the frontiers of AI, versions of this technology are already invisibly embedded in many systems that we use everyday. These everyday uses include everything from fraud detection systems that monitor credit card transactions to email filters that learn not to swamp your inbox with spam. You've probably already interacted with an AI system today without even knowing it and probably enjoyed the experience. One increasingly common form of AI can be found in chatbots, a type of software that lets you interact with it by having a conversation.