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Equifax and other credit reporting companies could get surprising benefits in Senate banking deregulation bill

Los Angeles Times

Warner also is one of the main Democratic co-sponsors of Crapo's deregulation bill, which backers say is intended to provide relief to small and midsized banks. Warner was among a bipartisan group on the Senate Banking Committee that drafted the bill and told reporters last week he was disappointed the bill wasn't tougher on Equifax. For example, he said he was unable to get Republicans to agree to include the data-breach fine proposal.

Kushner Agrees to Speak to Senate Panel About Russia

U.S. News

It was not immediately clear when or how the Senate questioning would take place or whether Kushner would be under oath. An official familiar with the Senate investigation said that the details of the interview have not yet been set, and the Trump associates will speak to the committee on the committee's terms. That these Trump associates volunteered to be interviewed does not prevent the committee from issuing a subpoena for testimony. The official spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss details of the Senate investigation.

Stenographer Collapses on Senate Floor at Session's Start

U.S. News

The Senate went into a brief recess as medical personnel attended to the woman, who collapsed as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was speaking. Media and visitors were quickly cleared from the galleries.

Senate Republicans Who Once Hated Borrowing Now Embrace It

U.S. News

Republican Sen. Tom Tiffany said in 2015 that solving the transportation funding problem required more revenue, which is what the Assembly is calling for now but the Senate and Walker have rejected. Sen. Sheila Harsdorf called the level of borrowing then "unsustainable" and advocated for reductions, not increases as the Senate wants now. And Sen. Luther Olsen said he was "dead against" any borrowing that would be repaid with money from the state's general fund. This year, the Senate plan calls for backing $350 million in borrowing from that fund.

US secretary of state: Pompeo to face Senate confirmation hearing

Al Jazeera

US President Donald Trump's choice for the next secretary of state will begin his confirmation hearing later on Thursday. Mike Pompeo is currently the director of the CIA. President Trump selected him to replace Rex Tillerson, who was fired last month.