Docomo language translator for Android is impressive

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At CEATEC 2012, we had an opportunity to try the conversation mode at CEATEC, and it worked quite well. The concept is simple: two people speaking different language can communicate on a turn-by-turn basis, and the Docomo app translates each phrase in both visual and audio form in real-time. At any given time, each party can easily see if their phrase had been properly translated as every phrase always appear in both languages (see above). While this app may resemble Google Translate (Android version) on the surface, the Docomo translator user interface is much better tuned for a two-person use, while Google Translate really works OK for a single person. I found the interaction with the Docomo app to be quicker and more natural than with Google Translate.

DOCOMO Develops Population Flow Statistics as Transportation Big Data


The achievement is the result of research that DOCOMO conducted jointly with the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM), a research arm of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), and the University of Tokyo's Center for Spatial Information Science (CSIS) between July 2014 and September 2017. A statistically reliable dataset was produced by combining the NILIM's knowledge of urban-traffic research and planning, the University of Tokyo's academic expertise in big-data utilization, and DOCOMO's highly advanced mobile communications and statistical processing technologies. The resulting population flow statistics offer the potential for use in diverse applications, including travel surveys such as Person Trip surveys. The research results have been released publicly in NILIM reports, and the NILIM reported the results at a session on June 11. The research involved the statistical processing of operational data on mobile phones moving from one base station to another in DOCOMO's nationwide mobile network.

NTT Docomo to tap VP Yoshizawa as new president

The Japan Times

Mobile carrier NTT Docomo Inc. will look to rejuvenate its leadership team by appointing Senior Executive Vice President Kazuhiro Yoshizawa as new president and the successor to current Chief Executive Officer Kaoru Kato, company sources said Tuesday. Yoshizawa, 60, joined Docomo's predecessor in 1992 from parent Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. and has served in the current position since June 2014. Yoshizawa, who will assume the new post after a shareholders meeting in June, will take the reins at a time when major mobile carriers are facing government pressure to change their business model, in which smartphones are given out virtually for free but subscribers have to pay a hefty price for their use.

NTT Docomo to launch world's 'thinnest and lightest' phone in November

The Japan Times

For years, electronics giants have been developing smartphones with increasingly larger screens. Bucking the trend for phones to be bigger and flashier is a handset set to debut next month from NTT Docomo Inc. that can fit in your business card case. Docomo, the country's largest mobile phone carrier in terms of subscribers, announced Wednesday that it will launch the ultralight phone in November. With many people choosing to watch videos and play games on their smartphones, makers have increasingly made devices with bigger screens. But there are people who want simpler handsets that are easy to carry around, NTT Docomo President Kazuhiro Yoshizawa said during a news conference to unveil Docomo's winter and spring products.

NTT Docomo app update will allow police to track phone's location

The Japan Times

Mobile carrier NTT Docomo said Wednesday that users who update its app, which currently enables users to track down lost phones, will thereby allow the carrier to provide location information to investigative authorities without informing them. Earlier this month, NTT Docomo said five smartphone models, some of which are already on store shelves, will allow authorities to track down the location of its smartphones without informing users. But it is not clear how this will affect users already using NTT Docomo smartphones equipped with the Android operating system. If the users of existing models update their NTT Docomo location service app, which has been available since May 19, it will allow the mobile carrier to provide information to investigative authorities with warrants without informing users. NTT Docomo, however, stressed that it will not provide such information "unless there was a warrant or in cases of emergency in which users' lives are threatened," said the mobile carrier's spokesman on condition of anonymity, adding that it may be helpful, for example, in cases where the user is injured following a natural disaster.