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Dell embraces open-source networking with new lines


Dell Networking took several steps forward by introducing new capabilities and platforms for campus and data-center networking. Dell has its own Linux-based network switch operating system: OS10. Yesterday, Dell Networking announced -- in partnership with Verizon, Big Switch Networks, Dell, and Red Hat -- that it had released the largest known network function virtualization (NFV) OpenStack cloud deployment across five of Verizon's US data centers. Not resting on its laurels, today Dell announced that it's driving ahead with its Linux-based Operating System 10 (OS10) development. Underneath the base module is the Open Compute Project Switch Abstraction Interface, a platform is designed for large scale data centers.

Cumulus Networks and Hewlett Packard team up to offer open networking storage for data centers


Open networking software vendor Cumulus Networks announced on Monday a new partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise(HPE) that will see its Linux NetQ software run on HPE's network storage products. The move is aimed at addressing the demands being placed on network infrastructure by such advanced technologies as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Specifically, Cumulus's Linux operating system and NetQ management software will run on HPE's StoreFabric M-Series Ethernet Switches, a move that Cumulus said will "deliver a flexible networking fabric that is predictable, scalable, and reliable." Combining the M-Series switches with Linux and NetQ will offer enterprises a high-bandwidth, low-latency way to connect primary, secondary, hyperconverged, NAS, or object storage systems, and is an ideal way to build an Ethernet Storage Fabric (ESF), Cumulus added. "Storage networks built on M-series switches deliver high levels of performance and ultra-low latency," Marty Lans, HPE's general manager of storage connectivity, said in a press release.

Nvidia Will Buy Cumulus Networks - SDxCentral


Nvidia today unveiled its plans to acquire Cumulus Networks for an undisclosed sum in a bid to bolster the chipmaker's presence in the networking space. Combined with Mellanox, which Nvidia bought last year for more than $6.9 billion, the chipmaker says Cumulus' open networking platform will help to accelerate the development and adoption of the software-defined data center. "The Cumulus acquisition, along with Mellanox, strengthens our position to reshape the modern data center to handle the exponential growth in AI [artificial intelligence] and [high-performance computing]," an Nvidia spokesperson wrote in an email to SDxCentral. "Cumulus' networking software expertise augments Nvidia's strategy of innovating across the entire stack, from silicon to systems to software, to deliver unique value to customers." Nvidia claims that with Cumulus it will be able to innovate across the entire networking stack from chips and systems to software.

Nvidia acquires Cumulus to bolster networking software capabilities


Nvidia on Monday announced its plans to acquire Cumulus Networks, an open networking software company founded in 2010. The purchase comes on the heels of Nvidia's $7 billion acquisition of Mellanox, an interconnection vendor that's shipped combined offerings with Cumulus since 2016. The terms of the Cumulus deal were not disclosed. "Nvidias's approach to creating both the hardware and software for accelerated computing expands deeper into networking software with Cumulus," Amit Katz, VP of Ethernet Switch at Mellanox, wrote in a blog post. "The ability to innovate across the entire technology stack will help us deliver performance at scale for the accelerated, software-defined data center."

Python For Network Engineers Bootcamp


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