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Prescience is a fast growing advanced analytics company that helps enterprises become more PRESCIENT (predictive) by gaining meaningful business insights and develop optimized solutions through careful analyses of data. We leverage our deep expertise in machine learning, advanced analytics techniques, latest engineering practices, data visualization and the business knowledge of our customers to create tangible data driven solutions.

10 Indian Startups That Are Leading The AI Race: 2019


The Indian AI startups space is booming and now encompasses various avenues such as computer vision, self-driving, retail, audio production and innovating e-commerce platforms, among others. This year we have come with a list of yet another 10 awesome startups that are revolutionising the field of artificial intelligence with their impressive technologies. These startups are about two to three years old and are already beginning to show some remarkable developments in the field of AI. Please note that this is not a ranking and the startups are listed in alphabetical order. Here is our last year's list.

10 Indian Startups That Are Leading The AI Race: 2018


Here is the fresh list of 10 startups in artificial intelligence and machine learning that are leading the race in the year 2018. These startups come from different backgrounds, such as providing AI services to healthcare, banking, fintech, diagnostics and HR, among others. Over the years startups have been striving to bring unique propositions into the market, and the developments listed by these companies prove it. While there are over 300 startups in the space in India alone, we have picked up these 10 names for this year's list. These startups are about two to three years old and have shown significant development over the years and are likely to do so in the year 2018.

10 Indian Startups That Are Leading The AI Race: 2020


The number of AI startups in India has increased tremendously over the years. Apart from being adopted in major industries, Artificial intelligence has become a way of doing business in other niche areas such as farming or even security. To recognise the unconventional startups in the AI space, Analytics India Magazine comes with a list of 10 such exceptional startups that are leading the AI race every year. In this year's list, we have covered startups that are not more than 3 to 4 years old and have headquarters in India. Most of these startups are funded externally and are working hard to bring about exceptional transformation in the Indian tech ecosystem.

This Startup Is Using Predictive Analytics To Revolutionise InsurTech


While analytics has touched upon every field, Pentation Analytics, a 2015 founded startup, as an InsurTech is providing state-of-the art analytics applications to the insurance industry. With its evolutionary analytical product--Insurance Analytics Suite, it is targeting core insurance to deliver solutions in the areas of soliciting & customer acquisition, risk assessment & policy development, fraud analytics etc. It also offers cutting edge analytics to banking, financial services, capital markets and payment sectors. Predictive analytics, which is the core of Insurance Analytics Suite,exploits algorithms and techniques such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, deep learning to analyse structural and unstructured data residing at various sources. Analytics India Magazine caught up with Pentation Analytics to have a deeper insight on their analytics solutions, journey so far, how is BFSI industry using their solution and much more.