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Slice through the hype to make bots work for your brand (VB Live)


Stop reading about other brands' bots and get your own. From uncovering your marketing opportunity, to implementing the infrastructure at any budget and seizing the competitive advantage, our VB Live event will guide you every step of the way. With 4 billion daily users across the globe and 30 billion daily messages, messaging apps have become one of the top five most frequently used apps in the world. People are now spending more time in messaging apps than in social media. And messaging has become the one thing people do, more than anything else, on their smartphone that's never more than three feet from their hand -- which means messaging apps are ground zero for consumer time spent, attention, and retention.

Previse joins Oracle startup ecosystem


Previse, the instant supplier payments decisions company, has joined the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem, Oracle's program for high-potential, emerging technology companies across the globe.

Google reportedly starting an in-house startup incubator


Google has a plan to retain some of its top talent. According to The Information, the company is looking into starting an in-house startup incubator. Known internally as "Area 120," the plan is to allow entrepreneurial Googlers and their teams to develop their ideas with Google's support and funding and potentially branch out with Google as an investor. Executives Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz will reportedly manage the incubator. Details on the effort are thin at the moment, but sources say teams will be able to work within the incubator full-time after drafting up a business plan.

Trailblazing: How to Be at the Top of the Startup Game

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

Over the last few years, I've been focusing even more on mentorship, specifically in the startup community. People who have worked with me know that I'm passionate about helping startups become trailblazers and giving back to the community, just like we do at our agency, 24Notion. It's important to pay things forward because it helps entrepreneurs to succeed plus, increases job creation and the global economy. High tech, which has had the largest amount of high growth companies, is my area of focus. I've been part of the local to global startup scene, helping new and upcoming entrepreneurs rise to the top.

Google launching in-house startup incubator called 'Area 120'


Alphabet-owned Google is working to launch an in-house startup incubator that could prevent top tech talent from leaving to budding companies in Silicon Valley, according to a report from The Information. The startup incubator will be called "Area 120," and will be lead by Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz. Employee's teams will be accepted into the program based on their business plans, where they can accept outside funding for their project or create a company under Google. The move would allow employees to work on Google's "special projects" full time. The company allots employees 20 percent of their work day to new projects, which have formed the beginnings of Gmail and other hit Google services.