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Get 2 free smart bulbs from Philips with this Sleep Week deal


Save $29.99: Buy a Philips Hue white light starter kit for $69.99 and get two white bulbs added on for free. The Clapper is pretty outdated, but the concept of turning out the lights without having to get up and go over to the light switch is still a modern luxury that very much serves a purpose in everyday life. Smart light bulbs bring the lights on/lights off technology into the current century and pair effortlessly with your phone. Philips Hue is the top name in smart lighting, and the brand is running a pretty sweet deal in honor of Sleep Awareness Week (March 14 through March 20). When you buy the Philips Hue E26 starter kit, which includes two white bulbs and the Hue Bridge, you'll get two more white bulbs added on for free.

Philips Hue is still the best smart bulb you can buy--here's why

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Hue makes a huge variety of smart bulbs, so you can outfit every light in your house. Philips Hue is not just one product; it's a vast collection of smart lights and smart lighting accessories from Philips, one of the biggest names in LED bulbs (and other electronics). The basic starter kit comes with a hub called the Hue Bridge, which you hook up to your router via Ethernet. It won't work wirelessly without being plugged into your router because the hub and bulbs themselves don't contain any WiFi tech--instead, they use a protocol called Zigbee. A command you send from your phone or smart speaker goes to your WiFi router, travels over Ethernet to the Hue Bridge, then gets to the bulbs themselves over the wireless Zigbee protocol.

Philips sweetens its Hue smart bulb starter kits and announces two new light fixtures


Philips aims to widen the appeal of its Hue smart bulbs by adding a fourth bulb to each of its starter kits. The $200 White and Color Ambiance, $150 White Ambiance, and $100 White now come with four A19 bulbs and a ZigBee-powered Hue bridge. Previous kits included only three bulbs. The connected-lighting pioneer also announced two new lighting fixtures that have integrated Hue White Ambiance technology: the $230 Cher Suspension and a $35 downlight. The bulbs in the White and Color Ambiance kit, as you can probably guess, produce both white and color light, with brightness of 800 lumens.

Snag a cool holiday gift early with Philips Hue smart lights on sale


A few Philips Hue smart lights are an early Black Friday deal at Amazon as of Nov. 3 -- these are the best deals: Philips Hue white and color A19 bulbs (three-pack) -- $79.98 $134.99 (save $55.01) Philips Hue white LED smart button starter kit -- $79.99 $99.99 (save $20) Philips Hue white LED smart button and Bluetooth light strip bundle -- $143.99 $179.98 (save $35.99) If you've ever just slept with the lights on because you were too lazy to get up and turn them off, you need some smart light bulbs. Philips Hue is our favorite smart light brand, so we're stoked to see a few of its lighting options get the early Black Friday treatment from Amazon. You can control these lights with your phone or Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can stay cozied up in bed. Plus, they're ambient bulbs, which allow for dimming and color changing. I personally have these bulbs and I'm obsessed with them.

Create moody lighting with these color-changing smart bulbs on sale


Save $40: The three-pack Philips Hue white and color smart bulb kit is on sale for $119.95 at Amazon. No joke, if I had to choose the best purchase I've ever made, it would be my Philips Hue color-changing smart bulbs. I put one in my bathroom and it's been a game changer for creating the perfect ambiance for a relaxing bath after a long day. I'm not promising that a few lightbulbs will change your life, but I would recommend buying them. And as of May 20, a three-pack starter kit is on sale for $119.95, down from $159.99.