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How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Face of Web Design?


Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the face of web design. In fact, AI has been a driving force for websites since they were first conceptualized in the 1990s. It wasn't until recently that technology was advanced enough to make AI a practical reality. Now you can create an entire website using automation and machine learning techniques. The days of having to write every line of code yourself are over.

How AI Has Started To Impact Our Work As Designers


There is a lot of conversation happening around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and using algorithms to shape the future of Design and the role of the designer. But how is that changing the way we work in the near future?

AI and the future of design: What will the designer of 2025 look like?


For more on the future of AI and design, check out Mike Haley's session, The future will see you now: Machine learning transforms design, at the O'Reilly Design Conference, March 19-22, 2017, in San Francisco. Artefact's co-founder, Rob Girling, explores the impact of artificial intelligence on design in this three-part series of articles. His first piece, Will machines take your job?, outlines the unprecedented changes AI and automation will bring to jobs in general. In the second installment, What skills do we need to compete against the machines, he outlines criteria that will make some professions more vulnerable to AI automation. For anyone doubting that AI is here, the New York Times recently reported that Carnegie Mellon University plans to create a research center that focuses on the ethics of artificial intelligence.

AI and Web Development : 7 Leading Web Builders Powered by AI


In Part 1 of this article on AI and web development, the impacts of AI on web development is mentioned. One of these significant impacts is AI-powered web builders that elevates website design processes dramatically. Through also known as Artificial Design Intelligence ADI systems, the usually complicated, time-consuming, prone to human error process of User Interface (UI) design process is streamlined. It has changed the way web developers create and maintain websites and applications, both for desktop and mobile. Here are 7 of the best and leading web builders powered by AI shaking the web development industry today.