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9am on Sunday is the most popular time to have sex

Daily Mail - Science & tech

You're not alone if you enjoy morning sex on the Sabbath. New research shows that 9am on a Sunday is the most popular time of the week for British couples to get busy between the sheets. While Tuesday at 9pm is the least desirable opportunity for intimacy, according to a survey of 2,000 adults. The eyebrow-raising research quizzed those in advance of Valentine's Day and provides a very personal insight into typical sexual relations. Commissioned by Superdrug, the results also noted that Saturdays are collectively more popular than every other day.

How to make someone fall in love with you in 3 steps

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Forget being complimentary and tactile, winning someone's affections is a lot simpler than you may think. According to scientists, there's three very basic ways to lure someone - and they're psychologically proven. According to Business Insider, the following science-backed tips can help you lure the partner of your dreams and get them to fall - and stay - in love with you. According to scientists, there's three very basic ways to lure someone and ensure they're in love with you for the long-term According to a Harvard Business School study, nearly 80 per cent of people love to date a'revealer' - someone who confesses embarrassing tales. According to a University of Texas study, goofy jokes builds a shared identity.

Want to remember something? KEEP practising

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Practice makes perfect, but a new study shows you might need to keep practicing even when you think you are perfect already. Known as'overlearning' the technique has been shown to make people remember what they have learnt for longer, according to a new study. Whether it is an actor learning new lines or a musician learning a song, practising more than you feel is necessary is the best way to make something sink in. If you need to retain important information, the it may be wise to'overlearn' it, new research suggests. To overlearn is'to continue studying or practicing (something) after initial proficiency has been achieved so as to reinforce or ingrain the learned material or skill.'

Is this the trickiest spelling test EVER?

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Plenty of people think they are a spelling whizz - but this fiendishly tricky quiz promises to put even the most confident to the test. The puzzle, posted to Playbuzz by Jake Alexander, challenges users to pick out the correct form of the most'impossible' words in the English language. While some might seem easy at first glance, they are in fact deceptively difficult. One letter out of place can mean the difference between success and failure. Now scroll down to put your knowledge to the test.


Daily Mail

Uber has revealed a new way to find your driver - with a glowing beacon on the windshield. The device glows in a color the rider chooses, so they can see which car is theirs at night - and avoid the embarrassment of getting into the wrong car. The beacon device is expanding to New York City, San Francisco and Chicago - although arch rival Lyft has been using a similar system for several months. Uber has announced that it's expanded its beacon program - a glowing device in the windshield of the car that lets Uber customers better identify their driver's car. If an Uber beacon is installed, after they've confirmed a ride request, the rider's app prompts them to choose a color.